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Managing Quality on the Multidimensional Level

The Effect of JIT in Management Accounting

Activity-Based Total Quality Supervision at American


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Activity-Based Total Quality

Management in American Share

David A. Carlson and S. Mark Young

Item costing and a quality strategy are related in

the sense that both look for answers to difficult inquiries of how and where information workers dedicate their time. This article illustrates how activity-based

costing leads to not only to the achievement of

accurate product costs, yet also to improved quality

at American Express Built-in Payment Devices

(IPS). Activity costs for IPS were determined by

asking each supervisor to calculate the time that his

section spends on each activity, then simply splitting

those activity estimations across every single product line. To

achieve the objectives of total quality management

(TQM), these activity costs had been augmented with

perceptual info that numerous stakeholders portrayed

about those activities. The article advises how related

approaches to TQM can benefit different service companies or the service functions of manufacturing companies.


t American Express, a commitment to perform quality administration (TQM) comes from the top. The

Chairman, CEO, and Main Quality Expert at American Express is usually James M. Robinson 3, who challenges that quality

must be included with business strategy. Like a

result, business unit brain must present their

method for quality improvements as part of

their particular annual spending budget and business plans.

American Express would like to ensure that their

investments in training and technology are

paying off.

Will the changes at the American Express business units improve the main point here? The activity-based costing (ABC) method applied at American Express Included Payment Systems (IPS) in Denver may help answer this kind of question. you

TQM and ABC at American Share

IPS handles one of the most well-known financial services

American Express has: American Share

Money Requests. Introduced in the year of 1882, customers

work with money requests to settle payments and help to make mailorder purchases. Money orders provide a steady source of income which includes helped support IPS's

entry into marketplaces for similar financial services,

which include:

• American Express MoneyGram, which is a

relatively recent and growing

service that lets consumers transfer money

around the world, usually within minutes;

• American Communicate Official Inspections, which

are negotiable devices that economic

institutions use as substitutes for their

individual disbursement products (e. g., teller

investigations and financial loan checks); and

As of 1992, each American Express business unit

must undergo a self-assessment based on the

requirements specified inside the guidelines pertaining to the

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Prize.

Spring 1993 -- twenty four


• Funds Management Services, a service that

works as an electric clearinghouse to

collect, focus, and pay funds

and data pertaining to corporations and financial


Early in 1990, IPS instituted a TQM beliefs

that would involve all one particular, 000 personnel in the

Denver colorado metro region. Charlie Fote, the leader

of IPS, hired Brian Higgins since director of quality

guarantee to lead this kind of initiative.

Fote and other IPS executives were unaware of

virtually any particularly frustrating quality problems;

in fact , IPS was (and remains) something leader in

the markets that serves. Instead, the reason for...

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