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Fundamentals of Marketing

Year a couple of, Semester 2

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Fundamentals of Marketing

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Instructor: zhangyayue Email: [email protected] edu. cn

Office: Space 421 Building 10 Workplace Time: Mon 12AM-1PM

1 ) 0. Study course Description:

The program is an introduction to the dialect and issues of marketing with an focus on learning to develop responsive marketing strategies that meet up with customer needs. The program focuses on basic marketing concepts, the role of marketing in the organization, and the role of marketing in contemporary society. Topics include market segmentation, product development, promotion, distribution, and pricing. Other topics, which will be incorporated into the course, are external environment (which can focus on integrative topics with marketing, just like economics, national politics, government, and nature), advertising research, international/global marketing with relevance to cultural range, ethics, the impact of technology on marketing, and jobs in marketing.

1 . 1 Study course Perspective:

Most of us have many activities with promoting from the perspective of the consumer. In this program, we will need the perspective from the marketing decision maker. I hope you will learn there is much more to marketing you might have anticipated. From the textbook, participation assignments/homework, and school discussions, you will understand about the decisions that marketers need to make and tools/frameworks that will assist you in making those decisions effectively. At the conclusion of the training course, you should understand the complexity and challenges linked to making marketing decisions along with ways to design effective marketing plans. On the practical side, this new understanding of promoting should produce each of you a much more knowledgeable client.

1 . 2 Study course Learning Objectives: Accordingly, the course focuses on the following:

To analyze the function of marketing inside the firm and society. To expose you to both parts of a marketing strategy: the point market and the marketing blend. To study the four fundamental variables inside the marketing mix: product, campaign, price, and distribution. To exercise synthetic, communication, and presentation expertise (through make use of technological supports, such as Microsoft company Word, PowerPoint, and the Internet)—the basic equipment of marketing.

installment payments on your 0. Books:

Principles of Marketing, 13th Edition, by Kotler/Armstrong, Pearson Education 2012, ISBN 978730225574

three or more. 0. Recommended Reading:

A Selective reading packet is usually prepared to get the program, which consists Harvard instances, company situations derived from Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, " Principles of Marketing”, seventh edition, articles derived from HBR, SBR, and other significant business journals, along with latest produced Chinese cases.

Related handouts will be allocated in the school.

4. zero Method of Instruction:

The course is highly interactive between the school and the teacher. Through circumstance studies/presentations, problems, and certain company consumer activities, college students will have the chance to use the principles, ideas, and strategies shown in class. Problem-solving sessions result from both individual (primarily) and team (occasionally) settings.

This kind of undergraduate program will add a lecture and project-based approach to the principles of marketing. The textbook used in this program will be used like a reference point intended for the discussion(s) of the marketing plan job. Students ought to read and inculcate the principles present in the textbook.

Note that from time to time changes in the plan of the study course or inside the assignments are announced during class....

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