Marketing Policy for Fitness Center

Executive Overview

1 . 0 Executive Synopsis

Corporate Health will provide Seattle-area businesses, helping them to become more productive, while cutting down their total costs with innovative well being programs and strategies. Each of our business is founded on two simple facts:

1 . Healthy employees are usually more productive than chronically ill employees. installment payments on your It less expensive to prevent traumas or health problems than to deal with them once they occur. By Corporate Health (CF), we all tie member of staff productivity right to the health proper care issue. We believe that traditional approaches to the latest health care catastrophe are misdirected. These classic efforts are what we call reactive--that is definitely, they delay until after the staff member has been stricken with disease or harm, and then spend on the necessary treatment options. Our way, which highlights prevention and good health campaign, is much more aggressive. By aiding employees transform their behavior patterns and choose much healthier lifestyles, VOIR will reduced companies' healthcare expenditures, although raising staff member productivity. Health care expenditures is going to decrease as a result of reduced medical care insurance premiums, decreased absenteeism, decreased turnover rates, reduced worker's compensation statements, reduced tardiness, shorter clinic stays, etc . The state of Many health care crisis, coupled with current demographic changes, threaten to never only exacerbate the crisis, but even more erode member of staff productivity too. These environmental factors in conjunction with the local competitive situation sign a favorable prospect in this marketplace. We feel the time is right for Business Fitness.

Condition Analysis

2 . 0 Situation Analysis

Corporate and business Fitness is usually entering their second season of organization. The business model has been well received and marketing is particularly important to preserve growth and market penetration. In addition to offering health facilities to get Seattle companies, Corporate Fitness' main activity is the creation and execution of wellbeing programs. The basic market require is the decrease of company costs as well as the increase in staff efficiency that may be achieved through long-term health and fitness programs.

2 . 1 Industry Summary

Corporate Fitness possesses good information about the market and knows a good deal about the normal attributes of the prized and loyal customers. This article be leveraged to better appreciate who is dished up, their certain needs, and exactly how Corporate Exercise can better communicate with them.

Target Marketplaces

Market Analysis

Market Research


Potential CustomersGrowthCAGR

Business Employees35%9, 87613, 33318, 00024, 30032, 80535. 00% Developing Employees15%5, 9246, 8137, 8359, 01010, 36215. 00% Other0%000000. 00%

Total28. 57%15, 80020, 14625, 83533, 31043, 16728. 57%

installment payments on your 1 . you Market Demographics

The profile for Company Fitness' customer consists of the following geographic, demographic, and behavior factors: Geographics

В•The quick geographic goal is the associated with Seattle.

В•A thirty five mile radius is in need of the assistance.

В•The total targeted population is 15, 800 employees.


В•51%: 49% male: feminine.

В•The individual salary range is usually $38, 000-$75, 000.

В•67% from the customers will be single, 33% are hitched.

В•For the manufacturing customers, 43% have some undergraduate course work. В•For the corporate buyers, 83% have some undergraduate homework, 16% include undertaken graduate student coursework.

Behavior Factors

В•Recognize the need to have got physical activity within their lives. В•Have incorporated some type of exercise program in their daily/ weekly routine for the last a few years. В•Are willing to utilize edge benefits that are offered by their employer as part of all their compensation package.

2 . 1 ) 2 Industry Needs

Corporate and business Fitness provides their customers with a health care price management plan for employees that will increase staff productivity and minimize overall business...

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