AP ALL OF US History Test Ch10

CHOICE. MULTIPLE Choose the one alternative that best finishes the assertion or answers the question. 1) By the 1830s, which from the following organizations was NOT rejected suffrage? 1) __D____ A) women B) blacks C) indentured servants D) white colored males E) Native Americans

2) In the 1820s, a two-party program was fostered by

2) _E_____ A) a growing concern regarding foreign coverage issues. B) the burgeoning population from the trans-Appalachian Western. C) modifications in our Constitution about the party system. D) hitched women attaining the right to election. E) modifications in our method of nominating and choosing the president.

3) The stirpe circular

3) ___D___ A) reported the federal tariff out of constitute. B) caused it to be a federal criminal offense to criticize the director. C) necessary that banknotes always be accepted in payment to get public terrain. D) required that only silver and gold coinage become accepted in payment to get public area. E) bought the relocation of the Cherokee Indians to Oklahoma.

4) Between 1824 and 1840, voter participation in elections

4) ___C___ A) decreased somewhat. B) increased slightly. C) increased dramatically. D) changed small. E) decreased precipitously. ****************************

5) The major issues prominent politics in the 1820s and 1830s were 5) ___D___ A) foreign affairs. B) social. C) sectional. D) economic. E) constitutional.

6) In the election of 1824, Andrew Jackson

6) __C____ A) received just limited support from slaveholding states. B) was initially considered as the most powerful candidate. C) could assert fame as a military hero. D) gained a majority of electoral votes. E) found wonderful support in the North. ******************************Review!!!!!! 1

7) Which in the following people is inaccurately matched with his art form? 7) ___E___ A) Herman Melville-novels B) George Caleb Bingham-painting C) Nathaniel Hawthorne-novels D) Walt Whitman-poetry E) Oliver Wendell Holmes-painting **************************

8) The major value of Jackson's national lender veto communication was that this 8) ___D__ A) decisively ended living of the national bank. B) was the initially recorded usa president veto. C) was the first veto manufactured by Jackson. D) was the first one that went beyond strictly constitutional arguments. E) did not explain the constitutional causes of his decision.

9) The strategic blunder of Nicholas Biddle was

9) __D___ A) his decision to offer bank loans to congressmen. B) his failing to listen to the advice of Henry Clay-based. C) his advocacy of enormous loans to immigrants. D) his decision to seek the bank's charter renewal several years early. E) his decision to confide in Holly Clay. *******************

10) The Panic of 1837 was caused by

10) __B___ A) slipping agricultural prices. B) countrywide and intercontinental economic circumstances. C) rebel Native Americans. D) high safety tariffs. E) the election of Matn Van Buren.

11) The Trail of Tears refers to

11) __E___ A) the destruction with the national traditional bank. B) passing of the " tariff of abominations. " C) the nullification controversy. D) the Oregon Trail and westward expansion. E) the compelled relocation with the Cherokees to Oklahoma.

12) To the south Carolinians protested the tariff of 1828 because

12) __D___ A) they saw it as an unfair " northern" law. B) that they thought this threatened the institution of slavery. C) of their hate of Andrew Jackson. D) tariffs established the prices that southern agriculturalists paid for manufactured goods. E) they dreaded its influence on the price of natural cotton.

13) After 1840, the Whig Party can be most strongly identified together with the concept of 13) __E___ A) manhood suffrage. B) storage room monarchists. C) the common guy. D) a " adverse liberal express. " E) a " positive open-handed state. "

14) Which from the following guys were true political and philosophical allies in the 1820s? 14) __D__ A) Ruben Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson B) Henry Clay-based and Andrew Jackson C) Andrew Jackson and David C. Calhoun D) Ruben Quincy Adams and...

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