b&l 1993 case

 bl 93 case Essay

2 . Does the new sales and circulation strategy appear sensible from a great operational perspective? •Consumers need to deal with distributors intended for contacts, good results . B& M for various other items – confusion intended for consumers •B& L recieve more cash and fewer property in inventory – better for B& L •Gives them auto financing (steady cashflow on promissory notes and profits) pertaining to other goods •Allows them to engage in various other goods


Promoting resources immediately freed about focus on the disposable lens market

Reduce SG& A expenses with new distribution plan

Significantly less inventory kept by B& L pertaining to conventional contact lens, more in receivables

Possibly lower distribution cost due to delivery consolidation (only shipped to distributor (32 of them) instead of shipping and delivery to last customer location)


Harm relationship with distributors simply by forcing them to buy the item at high volumes

Extra expenses of new product (unknown)

1 . Precisely what is the impact of the December 93 shipments of conventional lens on the 93 financial transactions? Is it significant? There was a $22 mil inventory acquired by distributors which in turn provided B& L with positive net sales. Enhance revenue simply by $22 mil

Reduced products on hand by 1 ) 8 mil pair of contacts; based on COGS of 45% this could indicate a reduction in inventory of near $10 , 000, 000 Little effect on SG& A – very little spent on product sales effort

AR increase (promissory notes payable June 1994)

Some increase in marketing, advertising and expenditures related to discounts in Leading Vision plan SIGNIFICANT: B& L reported a 13% year above year embrace sales earnings, despite a decline in market demand for conventional lenses – increase in both substitute and convenience lenses (which B& L does not produce) Results of decrease in products on hand: Increased earnings significantly & reduced surplus inventory organised by B& L, increased AR drastically; portrays great outlook on Balance Sheet.

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