Bachelor Degree in Chemical substance Engineering: Chemical substance Engineering Clinical


[SEGi University]

Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Architectural Laboratory 2

Hand Book


1 . 0Introduction (Flow Chart)

2 . 0Safety

3. 0Laboratory Report

3. 1Writing

three or more. 2Template

four. 0Marking Structure

4. 1Rubric for Laboratory Report

4. 2Rubric for Research laboratory Practical

five. 0Penalties

5. 1Late in Class

five. 2Report Later Submission

6. 0List of Experiments

several. 0Lab guides

The objective of this kind of manual is to introduce the essential principles and methods of fresh engineering towards the lecturer that is allocated to teach Chemical Architectural Laboratory 2 in Chemicall Engineering Department.

It consists of three flow graphs that show the procedures to perform lab brought on.

Figure 1 ) 1 displays sequence of procedures that must be taken if a lecturer is designated to teach lab investigations subject matter.

Figure 1 ) 2 shows organisation graph and or chart in Chemical Engineering Division which will support the designated lecturer to buy relevant theory and lab skills relating to their exercises.

Number 1 . three or more indicates those activities which are would have to be performed in the first lesson of Lab Investigations. Since an introductory class, regulation of lab, set of experiment/syllabus, report writing skill and design template, marking structure and penalty has to be plainly explained to college students.

Determine 1 . 4 explains the procedures of activities during experiment. Lecturer has to assure the students are overall well prepared and have sufficient knowledge of the expected task in the clinical.

Figure 1 ) 1 Actions Taken if perhaps Allocated to Instruct Lab Research

Figure 1 ) 2 Business Chart in Mechanical Architectural

Figure 1 ) 3 Activities in First Lesson of Lab Brought on

Figure 1 . 4 Activities during Executing Experiment

Safety is of the most importance in the laboratory. Mainly because students will probably be working with hydraulic machinery powerful enough to apart solid steel fishing rod, at temperatures high enough to melt steel alloys, by voltages large enough to induce dielectric break down in insulators, and frequently with hazardous chemicals dangerous enough to suffocate and/or burn off human body instantly, safety is crucial. If pupils have any kind of doubt and questions about safety, stop immediately what have been carrying out and seek advice from Teaching Assistants/Coordinators. In order to avoid or at least minimize the risk of a major accident the followings are wanted. Students not really complying with these straightforward rules will be asked to leave the session.

(1) Know in which the fire extinguisher is located in the laboratory. (2) Must use shoes.

(3) Do not use loose garments.

(4) Very long hair ought to be tied lurking behind the head.

(5) Safety eye protection must be donned around tests equipment, spinning machinery, and chemicals. (6) Do not ingest food or drink, inside the laboratory.

(7) All try things out must be performed within the allocated time. Learners are not in order to work in the laboratory without proper supervision

several. 1Writing Skill

Each college student is required to prepare a written record at the conclusion of each and every experiment. The reports must always be simple, but yet give sufficient details to convey for the reader that you just understood the principles and techniques involved. The reports just for this course should not exceed five to ten equivalent tapped out pages. Note that the largest percent of your last grade will be determined by the report of each student's laboratory experiment.

A ripped report (whether in part or perhaps in full) including replicating from other resources, from studies prepared by various other groups, which includes another scholar in particular, will not be allowed and can result in a...

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