The english language Worksheet

 English Worksheet Essay

English language Worksheet

Subject Verb Agreement

Name: _________________________________ Class: Sixth is v ____

I. Underline the correct action-word in the pursuing sentences.

1 . Rajesh is/are likely to visit his grandmother another day.

2 . The boys has/have a swimming school this afternoon.

3. My spouse and i am/are studying a book by simply Judy Blume.

four. The anglers sells/sell their very own catch on this beach every single morning. 5. The baby crawl/crawls across the floor covering.

6. Have you seen the bunch of keys that were/was laying here? six. The teachers were/was having a meeting in the library.

8. Nobody was/were within the room when I checked.

being unfaithful. Each of the kids was/were asked to carry a snack and water jar to the refreshments. 10. A pride of peacocks were/was dancing in the rain.

11. Every person were/was asking where you had been today.

12. 20 kilometers is/are a very good way to travel daily. 13. My spouse and i am/was certainly not feeling very well yesterday.

14. That they were/are in Mumbai last week.

12-15. My family are/is very large.

16. None of you has/have carried out the groundwork correctly.

17. The best trousers is/are at the drycleaners for repairs. 18. Measles is /are a common childhood disease.

19. Basmati rice cost/costs more than additional varieties.

20. Some doves was/were nesting exterior my window.

twenty one. Everyone within my class have/has passed the examination.

22. Neither Atul neither his sibling have/has spoken about the occurrence. 23. Each of the children was/were given a small gift whenever they left the party.

II. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb given in the parentheses.

1 ) Neither Manoj nor Harjeet ___________ where the tennis racket is. (know / knows) 2 . Helen ___________ where we can choose the best fruits in this city. (know as well as knows) 3. non-e with the boys ___________ made their beds in the morning. (has / have) some. Dhiraj and Anand ___________ gone to view the handbags match today. (has / have) 5. Each pupil ___________ provided a book within the birds of India. (was / were) 6....

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