CELTA A1 Essay




Component One: Sentence structure

1) You must go to the doctor:

1 . Modal auxiliary action-word.

2 . Used in conjunction with main verb to express shades of time and feeling. In this case, an individual is suggesting/giving advice somebody else to do or perhaps plan a thing in the future. several. Subject & should & base action-word

4. Phonemic: /ju: КѓКЉd gЙ™У™КЉ/

a few. A group of good friends are speaking about their lunchtime yesterday. Ross: " I absolutely enjoyed my personal meal at that Mexican cafe yesterday, we should go there again next Friday” Chandler: " oh no My spouse and i can't, We've got a doctor's session on Fri, how about Tuesday”? Ross: " yea, Wednesday works”.

6th. Concept Looking at Questions:

Is definitely the doctor's session happening later on?

Has chandler already made the visit when they chatted?

When did Chandler make the appointment?



In the past

2) What makes his sight all red? He's been cutting onions:

1 . Present Perfect Accelerating tense.

installment payments on your Used to identify a continuous action that has been finished at some point recently. So in this sentence, anybody has been moaping because of trimming onion, containing caused him to have red eyes. 3. Subject & have/has recently been + ent form

4. Phonemic: /hi: s bЙ™У™n kКЊtЙЄЕ‹/ or bIn

5. Monica cleaning tears by kitchen while Rachel is definitely washing the dishes. Phoebe strolls in and thinks Monica is annoyed about some thing. Phoebe: " hey, is Monica alright? Why are her eyes all red”? Rachel: " indeed she's good. She's recently been cutting onions”.

6. Concept Checking Inquiries:

Has Monica's red eyes caused by a new event?

Is Monica slicing the onions now?

Are Phoebe and Rachel discussing the present or past event?


Not any

Past celebration

3) She had her house decorated:

1 . Causative

2 . Used to indicate which a subject causes someone or...

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