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1 . INTRODUCTION a) History b) Retailing Industry| 3| 2 . EVALUATION AND ANALYSIS i. Market Segmentation 2. Marketing Strategies 5. Price, Advertising, Product, Place iii. SWOT analysis iv. Environmental scanning * Porter's 5 competitive forces analysis| 4-6| 3. REFLECTION| 6-7



A. DBS Dialogues Tracks Charles & Keith's Procedure for Asia, Midsection East and Europe M. Retail Sales Index, Meals & Beverage Services Index (March 2012) C. The earth is at his feet

Deb. Singapore retail industry looks challenges ahead




Charles and Keith is one of the a large number of popular brands in Singapore that made it worldwide. It really is known for the women's boots as well as accessories such as bags and wallets. Established in 1996 by simply Charles and Keith Wong, it started as a small and simple sneaker store for Amara Hotel arcade in the Central Business District. (APPENDIX C) The brand name soon started to be very popular over the following 2 years and seeing the potential for further expansion, Charles & Keith spent into the South East Oriental market as a result of similar environment and tradition. A few years after, they ventured into a number of other countries all around the world. Charles & Keith was also the first selling company to launch an online store in Singapore. Today, Charles & Keith possess set up much more than 20 outlets in main shopping centers and suburban department stores in Singapore and it is right now an international manufacturer with over 190 dispenses in 28 countries particularly in Asia, Europe, Midsection East along with Africa and it is also a parent company intended for the luxury brand Pedro. Pedro was launched in 2006, with a distinctive line of men's footwear, which quickly became extra brand to get both in a number of and ladies collections, together with the introduction from the Charles & Keith Personal unsecured Label. RETAILING INDUSTRY

Charles & Keith are now in the forefront from the footwear industry due to their exclusive blend of innovative marketing and product concepts. In Singapore, retail sales of medical merchandise & toiletries, recreational products, provision & sundry retailers, food & beverages and wearing apparel & footwear decreased between 1 . 1% and several. 9%. Suppliers of optical goods & books and department stores as well registered diminishes in sales of 1. 0% and zero. 7% correspondingly in 03 2012 in comparison to February 2012. (Refer APPENDIX B)



Each dealer tries to separate itself off their competition; Charles and Keith differentiate themselves by creating their own types of fashion companies to offer good quality products and services, having a commitment to perfection and in addition they segment their particular market employing demographic segmentation where they cater to the upper-middle class of customers who also appreciate large fashion design shoes by affordable and mid-range rates. The company's objectives the female buyers who purchase their shoes or boots every month. That they launched the Signature Labeled in 2007 in broad variety of shoes for fashion mindful ladies with fine taste. It is to focus on the higher class people as they are prices by a higher price when compared with the different products.


Products & Price: Using its uniqueness with their in-house design and its reasonable prices, it has prevailed with its impressive high street trend shoes and accessories. Charles & Keith has received the minds of many, placing itself as one of the most marketable fashion footwear brand available in the market. They develop and produce a distinctive distinctive line of stylish designs that focus on market comments. With a temperament that shows style and confidence, Charles & Keith has captured a legion of faithful fans and placed by itself as a desired and recommended fashion manufacturer in the very competitive industry. Promotions: Charles & Keith has offers on its online store along with their store. Promotions online such as the on-going free...

References: B. Selling Sales Index, Food & Beverage Services Index (March 2012)


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