Christianity and Buddhism In comparison

Buddhist and Christian Prayer: An evaluation in Practice and Purpose

Simply by

Neil McWilliams


HUMA 2800 = SOSC 2600

Dr . Sophie Ford

03 7, 2005

At first glance the traditions of Christianity and Buddhism look very different via each other. One centers around a God that was at single time physically manifest on earth inside the human sort of his " son" Christ, the various other primarily worships a historical figure that gained divine status through enlightenment. This assessment is definitely broad best case scenario, especially in the case of Buddhism where the Theravada and Mahayana traditions vary significantly. Christianity also has department within alone, the most dominant being between your Roman Catholic and Simple systems. In this article you will find, despite evident differences, very interesting similarities between Yoga and Christianity, especially concerning prayer and worship, which fall into the " practice dimension" of Ninian Smart's analytical unit (Smart). The purpose of this daily news is to argue that Buddhism, specially the Mahayana and Pure Terrain forms, and Christianity especially Roman Catholicism are extremely related regarding the practice and purpose of prayer. The Encyclopedia Britannica defines prayer as follows; " act of communication by humans while using sacred or holy В– God, gods, transcendent dominion, or supernatural. Found in most religions constantly, prayer could possibly be a corporate or perhaps personal take action utilizing different forms or techniques" (Prayer, Britannica). This kind of definition is the structure was considered in the structure of this conventional paper as it allows for a wide range of practices to be construed as prayer. For instance the Buddhist practice of relaxation fits the above definition. This kind of paper can explore the practice to perform prayer and worship in addition to the purpose of that in the customs in question. In the examination of plea and worship in Christian and Buddhist traditions there are some startling parallels. For instance, both equally traditions employ beads during the performance of prayer. Real Land Buddhism uses a line of beans that are fingered while invoking the name of the puro Amitabha, or perhaps Amida Buddha. A ritual that is very close to the Roman Catholic practice of keeping track of prayers and praying which has a rosary. Natural Land Yoga thus shows a strong resemblance to devotional Christianity, having a God-figure (Omitofo), a mediator (Guanyin), and a prayerful devotion like the rosary (Amore and Ching 273). The schlichter for Chinese Pure Terrain prayer is Guanyin, a feminized type of the boddhisatva Avalokitesvara. Guanyin is very exactly like the virgin Jane of Both roman Catholicism, therefore is sometimes referred to as the " virgin Jane of east Asia" (Amore and Ching 247) as the bodhisattva she will act as the associate to the divino Buddha; Amitabha (Omitofo in Chinese) that is seen as the giver of grace and salvation very similar as Goodness is seen as the giver of grace and salvation and Mary while the schlichter or associate in Both roman Catholicism (Amore and Ching 273). These types of observations display a definite similarity in plea techniques between your traditions involved. Both customs make use of beads as a means for counting the prayers recited, also the simple fact that the prayers are directed to the female co-workers of the great deities could mean that the fans thought a girl mediator being more caring to the demands of the worshipper. Christian plea is often seen as a recitation of scripture or perhaps an original plea by a devotee. Buddhist prayer is characterized, with a few exceptions, by meditation. Both practices for the most part include distinct positions for the performance of the rituals. The normal Christian plea position shall be kneeling with hands clasped in front of the physique, and head and eyes closed or downcast. The Lotus location is the traditional stance employed for Buddhist relaxation. One sits down with legs and hands crossed, hands on the clapboard on the toes on the...

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