Church and Sacraments


I. Crucial Concepts/Topics

A. Descriptions / Definitions of Terms

1 ) Ethics

installment payments on your Christian Theology

3. Organized Theology

5. Moral Theology / Christian Ethics

five. Moral Philosophy

6. Values of Being

7. Ethics of Doing

B. Values

C. Etymological Origins – Greek and Latin

G. God – The Center of Value and the Christian Understanding of Great E. Beliefs and Values

F. Faith, Character and Action

G. Other Types of Ethics – Humanism, Consequentialism. Liberalism, Buddhism, Confucianism

II. Targets

1 ) to know and understand the different terms related to the course 2 . to know the nature of morality, and the romance between values and religion/faith 3. to understand the Christian notion of " good” 4. to broaden knowledge of ethics through a glimpse of other types of values (nonchristian) in order to understand people embracing this kind of types of ethics

3. Discussion

Information / Meanings of Terms[1]

Ethics can be described as systematic, important study worried about the evaluation of man conduct; it is concerned with producing decisions. To boost the ethical question is to take the earlier into account. The importance of previous conduct is not for the objective of creating a impression of remorse. It is with regards to helping help to make decisions regarding the future. The care is " what am i not to do today? ” A few evaluations require some regular, some cannon by which to measure. The beginning point in the study of ethics consequently , must be the choice of some worldview, some viewpoint of lifestyle. Ethics does not stand on its own feet, but rather is based on a philosophy. The person who decides that something is good must be prepared to response the question, why? What makes this good and that bad? What makes this worth superior to the other? The response to the problem Why? is dependent upon one's basic view of life.

Christian Theology is a discipline in which the commitment of religion seeks to know God's revelation of divine law in Christ Christ and through the Spirit.

Systematic Theology is a overall/umbrella self-control of theology which attempts to work out a coherent perspective of the world simply by integrating the truths of faith with all different truths we can know.

Moral Theology / Christian Ethics is actually a particular expression of methodical theology which focuses on the implications of faith on the way we live life. As being a formal theological discipline, it is concerned with God's revelation of divine appreciate in Christ and throughout the Spirit because an request calling for our response. That regards the response to the initiative of God's present of love as the very heart and soul of moral lifestyle. This respond to God's invitation to appreciate is indicated concretely inside our daily decision or choices we produce. Thus, Christian ethics is likewise described as the critical evaluation of human carry out from the Christian perspective. The Christian beliefs defines the motives from where the person act, the generalizations or basic understanding which in turn s/he makes about value and work, and the results which they reach bout a proposed intervention.

Moral Beliefs / Philosophical Ethics may reflect very well on the mother nature of moral lifestyle and what constitute right and incorrect behavior without the reference in any way to The lord's revelation also to Christian morals.

Ethics of Being. Morality is normally associated with patterns guided by rules. But for focus on habit and rules is not really sufficient intended for understanding the scope of moral expression. Actions are expressions of a person. Meaning goodness can be described as quality in the person, constituted not by simply rule-keeping habit alone, yet by augmenting certain virtues, attitudes, and outlooks. Christian moral life is a way of existence...

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