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Task 1 – Research Project: DUE ON week 7_______________________ Choose ONE in the following matters for your job:

1 . Choose an advertisement for a quit smoking program, weight-loss or sporting activities nutrition health supplement and research the clinical validity lurking behind the program or perhaps product. Your report need to include:

A description of distinctions between main and supplementary resources An explanation of how extra resources generally contain opinion and how these kinds of usually alter the quality of promises made by advertisements The original advertisements for the quitting smoking program, fat loss or athletics nutrition product (properly sited) A summary of your findings on………

The target target audience

Bias you notice in the advertising campaign

Scientific studies that either support or refute the validity of the says NOTE: these kinds of must NOT simply be depending on your personal opinion although based on analysis; at least two resources are needed _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2 . Investigate and research prevalent elements found in food chemicals for individuals, livestock, or perhaps plant fertilizers and go over the advantages and disadvantages of applying such foodstuff additives. Your report must include:

-A list of components and macromolecules that are essential for life -A brief synopsis of the buildings and functions of each in the macromolecule of life -A summary of the findings on………

At least 2 instances of food artificial additives for human beings, livestock or perhaps plant manures with a simple description of their chemical make up and framework Additives in foods incorporate vitamins, minerals (calcium, flat iron etc), flavours (sugar, salt etc), additives (nitrates, nitrites, sulfites), color, stabilizers, The rationale behind using these chemicals

The advantages and drawbacks of having these kinds of additives

NOTICE: these should not be based on your own view but based on research; in least two reference sources are necessary.

3. Study and describe the trend to

a. banning of trans- body fat at take out restaurants.

b. lowering sugar and salt content

c. reducing high fructose corn syrup in soft drinks

Your report must include:

Reveal description in the structure and function of various types of lipids (for question 3a above); or all kinds of sugar (for issue 3b and 3c above) discussed in the lecture. A discussion in the differences involving the structure of saturated, unsaturated and trans-fat A summary of your findings on…..

How trans-fat is used in fast food eating places and an explanation of so why there is a pattern towards banning its work with How are this kind of bans for sale to the public as well as their particular marketing efficiency NOTE: these types of must not be based upon your very own opinion nevertheless based on research; at least two reference sources happen to be needed. some. Investigate just how artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin work biologically. Why are they a whole lot sweeter than natural sugar? Research the of their creation and look into how many types are available at a nearby grocery store. What type of products will you find artificial sweeteners in? Are there natural substitutes that do the same jab as artificial sweeteners? Term some. Your report need to include:

--A detailed overview of the set ups and capabilities of various types of carbohydrates discussed in class - Evidence of the difference between the structure of regular sugars and manufactured sweeteners -- A summary of your findings on…..

Why are man-made sweeteners a lot sweeter than natural sugar? The history from the development of artificial sweeteners

How many are available at an area grocery store?

What type of products do you really find unnatural sweeteners in?

Are there normal substitutes which in turn the same jab as unnatural sweeteners? Brand some. NOTE: these should not be based on the own view but depending on research; for least two reference sources are required.

Format in the report:

This can be a required format:...

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