Key Themes in Hamlet

Presence vs . Fact

Speaker: King

" Hamlet, this action, for thine especial security,

Which all of us do tender, as we dearly grieve

For this which thou hast performed, must send thee hence”

(4. a few. 42-44)

•King says he can sending Hamlet to Britain for his safety, once really it is to have him killed •The King can make it seem as if he is carrying out a good action, when seriously it is wrong •The King says this individual cares for Hamlet's safety as much as he grieves Polonius' fatality oHe is usually lying

oHe does not grieve the death of Polonius and if this individual did, he'd care about Hamlet, which this individual doesn't Loudspeaker: Hamlet

" I see a cherub that sees these people. ”

(4. 3. 38)

•The cherub symbolizes an angel

•The cherub sees the King's true purpose in sending Hamlet to England and notifies Hamlet oAt the end in the scene, the moment alone, the King claims his real purpose - to send Hamlet to his death.



" By Gis, and by Saint Charity,

Alack, and fie for disgrace!

Young men will do't in the event they come to't,

By cock, they are really to blame.

Quoth she, just before you tumbled me,

You assured me to wed

(4. 5. 57-62)

•Her songs are taken as madness

•The song is really the truth

oRevealing her romance with Hamlet

oIt affects her

Hamlet ended their relationship

She feels employed

Tragic Flaw

Speaker: Full

" Intended for goodness, developing a pleurisy,

Dies in his own too-much: that we will do

We should do whenever we would; just for this " would” changes

And hath abatements and delays as many

As there are tongues, will be hands, are accidents,

And then this kind of " should” is like a spendthrift heave a sigh,

That hurts by easing. ”

(4. several. 118-124)

•Hamlet's tragic catch is the failure to act

oTo avenge his father's death

•The California king is commenting on Hamlet's weaknesses which have prevented him from murdering the Full •The King states that whenever you have a thought in mind, do it right away and don't hesitate like Hamlet •" Would” and " should” represents the things Hamlet has said he wants to perform to avenge his father's...

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