Upcoming Trends in Healthcare

Foreseeable future Trends in Health Care

Shirley T. Crabtree 03 14, 2011 HCS/533 Jordan E. Lambert

Future Styles in Medical care

Smart Phones, I-Pads, I-Pods, Blue Tooth, Blackberry mobile phones, GPS, On-Star – exactly where we move and where ever we want to proceed, and when – ‘there's a great App for the. ' Whether we want it or certainly not, and even regardless of whether we choose because of it to be doing this, our personal lives, our work lives, and even our health issues will be constantly influenced by technology. We might complain however in reality, we all wouldn't contain it any other method.

Health care technology can be as basic as close as a hand held computer with the bedside of your patient, a monitor worn by the affected person, or the sound of an security alarm at the probability of a medicine error. Medical technology can also be nearly unimaginable and distant like a surgeon in another state helping the tools as a robotic performs delicate brain surgery in the neighborhood hospital functioning room. The futuristic fantasy world of Star Trek and Star Wars is today's technology. Dr . " Bones” McCoy's Tricorder appears almost gothic compared to current medical technology. R2-D2 and C-3P0 have got nothing on today's healthcare robots. Software can deliver laboratory info and individuals to another flooring of the clinic, maneuvering around corners, keeping away from obstacles, entering and giving elevators, as well as deciding the best route to take to achieve their mission.

Inside the discussion of upcoming trends in health care, such as impact of distance delivery on health care, and the current and foreseeable future impact of telemedicine; the emphasis can be telemedicine in relationship to care for the rapidly- growing population of frail aged.


Small neighborhoods in the United States in many cases are at a drawback when they want access to contemporary health care. Foible elderly individuals may not include transportation to see a doctor, if you have even a doctor near enough to see. In respect to Massey, Appel, Buchanan, and Cherrington (2010), " Individuals surviving in rural areas often encounter difficulties obtaining appropriate healthcare because of length from overall health clinics; monetary limitations, ethnical barriers, doubtfulness, communication problems, and excessive rates of heal illiteracy” (p. 20). In many cases, telemedicine is the answer to health care isolation for these persons.

" Telemedicine is the make use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electric communications to boost patients' wellness status” (Wagner, Lee & Glasser, 2009, p. 128). Medical info may be traded from one medical doctor to another medical professional, or the data may be exchanged between the patient and the physician or various other care service provider. Telemedicine permits patients in rural or medically underserved areas to get adequate health care. Two doctors talking within the telephone about treatment for a patient is a form of telemedicine, as is a satellite videoconference between two providers around the world. Telemedicine brings the information and experience of a far-away specialist into the workplace of a small community health-related facility, or transfers the x-ray of a patient in a community into a radiologist within community.

" Mobile telemedicine refers to telemedicine applications when the participants can be found at a distance to each other as well as mobile” (Wurm, Hoffmann-Wellenhof, Wurm, & Soyer, 08, p. 107). Mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are used to deliver patient info. Mobile telemedicine is especially essential for use simply by EMS workers before and during transport of any patient into a hospital or for monitoring a patient when he or she is moved within a medical center or...

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