Pan Europa Case Study

Pan Europa's Case Study

Query 1: Presented the current climate of Griddle Europa's company, the company must seek out make investments opportunities to increase the company's capital and earnings. For the past 3 years the net cash flow has been tracking at a $2M-$12M damage. Fiscally Pan Europa's monetary decline has been around large of failure to brand and invest in a competitive market. Skillet Europa's way forward for remaining a viable business depends of signing up for strategic assignments that would restore strength inside the company and shareholders. As the company has a significant sum of earth to be gain in inspecting products to get products in the marketshare the organization must, develop avenues where a price-war may be avoided. You’re able to send recent cost war by simply one of its board members was an example of just how volatile your baking pan Europa's market share is within the European countries. Nigel Humbolt proposal to acquire leading schnapps manufacturer and associated facilities provides for diversity in the core business and expansion in the market place. Pan Europa's would be able to reach new customers and provide expansion to the business. Nigel's primary investment is definitely under the boards limit capital spending investment of $80M, the forecasted return on investment is definitely projected to get $134M containing IRR of 28. 7%. This is a strong revenue gain for the organization and will restore confidence in shareholders.

Question 2: In analyzing the NPV projects proposed by every single board member, it would be many prudent pertaining to Pan Continente europeo to invest in Nigel Humbolt intend to acquire leading Schnapps manufacturer and associated facilities. The acquisition can revive Pan Europa business. Utilizing the equivalent annuity, you will observe the trend from the large investment for the first and second year, however; there is certainly an increase in the level of annual payment over ten years that brings a NPV at a minimum ROR of $41M.







NPV Based on Exhibit several

Strategic Acquisition

Eastwood Expansion

Southward Growth

Snack Foods

Artificial Sweetner






Inventory Control System

New Plant

Broadened Plant

Motorisation and Conveyer


Broaden Truck Fleet

Question three or more: There are a number of factors that could invalidate the outcome in the NPV. To make sure that the company be the cause of any risk factors that can slide all their projections, they may need to build in assumptions for potential uncertainties in executing the projects. 1 ) Duration of the Project

installment payments on your Cash Flow

a few. Government

4. Resources i. e. difference in leadership or lack or resources. 5. To correct for each investment the next should be considered: 1 . Use price cut cash flow method to determine the NPV coming from all cash flow installment payments on your Use the profitability Index style to take into account long term cash flow 3. Payback Period for taking initial investment projected and divides by the estimated total annual net funds inflows from the project.

Query 4: There are many projects which might be considered " must do” 1 . Growth of the plant- this is a competitive need project. The plant has reached its complete operating potential. The expansion would maximize productivity and allow the organization to stay competitive on the market.

2 . Effluent water treatment – to integrate sustainability into the firm to become " green” directed to meet environmental regulations.

Most projects have an amount of risk factors that play a role in their potential success.

1 ) The development and replacement of the pick up truck fleet. Almost always follow the ease of use risk unit as more suitable risk is definitely the ability to get additional vans over two-year period. An amount surge may well impact companies NPV and IRR. Additionally , the company best risk would have an impact of sell most units of old trucks due to physical failure or perhaps lack of curiosity. 2 . Expansion of the plant- Because outside conditions beyond the control of the corporation can affect the results of the agencies goal, the corporation will follow the flexible model to assume...

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