Hong Kong Disneyland

 Hong Kong Disneyland Essay

1 . Background

In this analyze, we make an effort to study and evaluate the rendering of client relationship management strategy in Hong Kong Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland is a famous international firm over the world. That vision is always to provide the top quality service around the ceremony to customers and to provide these people special unique experiences. We now have conducted a job interview with a director of customer relationship administration department of Hong Kong Disneyland concerning their very own special consumer management strategy. For example , just how it provides the best services to its guests and how come it would succeed. At the final section of this report, we have also made some advice to all of them.

installment payments on your Customer segmentation and consumer knowledge to refine marketing process It can be generally which the Disneyland uses the behavior to part its customers. According to the reaction to the segmentation, there are two sorts of customers may be defined.

пЃµCustomers who visit once only and may not visit again. They refers to the foreigner and Mainland site visitors. пЃµCustomers who visit the playground repeatedly, including once or twice a year. It is not challenging to deduce that they can be mainly regional residents and annual passing users.

About the customer expertise is used by the firm to refine it is marketing procedure, the fact that is the firm gathers and evaluates the feedback which through the customers whom visited the park to be able to adjust the price of the tickets as well as to offer the premium to annual passing users.

3. Utilization of direct advertising

The organization has put lots of attempts on direct marketing. By using various types of direct marketing technique to access the customers, for example , Web-affiliated catalog, Email-based and Fax mail.

Intended for Web-based list, the company has put it to its own site already. Those people who are interested to go to can buy the tickets through this directory.

To get Fax email, the firm sends mails to the travel agency directly. It includes attractive plans with regarding the agency to take the consumer coming to the park.

For Email, the company sends the mail to the annual passes users so they can know the latest information, special offer and also other massages.

4. Elements in creating value for customers

Disneyland is known as a fantasy globe for customers to unwind, there are many amusements rises and cartoon heroes. They want to let customers think that they are exactly like leaving the real reality and entering a dream world, have some fun and experience pleasure presently there. In addition , they will realize that consumers are not spending money to obtain the service, but to buy the things that can create value to satisfy their needs and meet expectation. So , Disneyland looks at customer perceived value is very important. They try to serve every single customer distinctly and produce customer-unique value to all of them. Disneyland take care of customer since individual, that they deal with associated with different approaches for every solitary customer. For instance ,

a few. Measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty

Client's feedback collected by Disneyland is through two ways, face-to-face interview survey at the quit gate and online survey. They will be asked several questions regarding the frequency visiting Disneyland and how they will feel the travel. Web page is also set for visitors to mail email and comment and provide suggestion to Disneyland for further improvement.

According this survey, data are accumulated to gauge the customer satisfaction, and their loyalty to the company. As well, some clients have bought total annual passes; the business database could record their frequency visiting the park, therefore Disneyland may utilize the record and do measurement.

6. Frequency of conducting study

Survey will be conducted daily by a specified team with visitors and tourists who also are ready or perhaps planning to keep Disneyland. The team members are situated in the entry of the recreation area and will pick some guests who are willing to do the study. The review will be performed in form of...

Bibliography: Homepage of Hong Kong Disneyland


Customer Romance Management records

Cathy, manager of customer service department

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