Self Designed Experiment

 Self Designed Experiment Study Paper

Measurement Products


•To know how to use the different computing devices effectively. •To learn how to solve the amount.

•To know how to solve the Density.


" Correct measurement is essential" – Measurement is definitely the size, duration, or volume of a thing, as established by measuring. Measurement is the first step that leads to manage and eventually to improvement. If you fail to measure something, you can't figure out it. If you fail to understand it, you can't control it. If you fail to control this, you can't boost it. Technique:


•Meter stick


•Vernier Caliper


•Triple Beam Equilibrium

•Graduated Cyndrical tube

•Short Relationship Paper




•Eraser of Mechanical Pad



•Prepare every one of the materials required.

•Be sure you know how to work with the apparatuses if not, ask the teacher or facilitator. •Measure the things that you chose to evaluate, be sure that you assessed it accurately. •Record all the data that you have got gathered.

•Create an SDA about the several measurement products that you use.


a. )Meter stick –57. five inches – Suzzaine's Height

–58. 5 inches – Physics Laboratory Table m. )Ruler – 15. 8 cm – Micrometer Case

c. )Vernier Caliper – 12. a few cm – Prism

g. )Micrometer – 33 mm – Eraser of a mechanical Pencil

elizabeth. ) Three-way Beam Stability – 158. 4 g – Cube

– 230 g – Prism n. )Volume – 262. 5

g. )Density – 2 . three or more g/mL



Width – six cm

Level – 3. 5 cm

Length – 12. five cm


(6 cm)(3. 5cm)(12. 5cm) = 262. 5



262. your five / 158. 4 = 1 . six g/mL


•Which is more accurate, the micrometer or Vernier Caliper? •What is the most accurate calculating device?

•What is the least accurate measuring device?

Bottom line:

I consequently conclude not all testing devices have similar level of accuracy. Measurement...

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