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Major: International Organization



The process of human resource management at VICA Consultants Worldwide Ltd. and several recommendations for improvement


: Perform Thi Anh Ngan


: A1


: Ms. Votre Thi Thu, Msc

Hanoi, 7/2009

Desk of Material


Component 1: Introduction to VICA4

1 ) Establishment and Development of VICA4

2 . Company structure5

several. Business activities7

Part a couple of: The research of the hrm process by VICA10 1 . Human resource management process10

1 . 1 ) Definition10

1 . 2 . Hrm process. eleven

2 . The process of human resource management by VICA14

installment payments on your 1 . A lot of the time workers14

2 . 2 . Affiliate consultants16

three or more. Comments upon VICA's HRM practices. seventeen

Part three or more: Recommendation intended for improvement18

Portion 4: Internships experience20



The earth business is now more and more difficult as technology is in their age of development and changing at an instant pace. It seems that technology can be reducing the role of men and women. However , this might be true in the production era only. Today, there are plenty more of new types of business wherever human perform an important position along with that of machines and technology. Furthermore, there is also a change in the conception and perception with the management of human resource (HR). As the name recommended, human now is the resource of your company, the important thing to its success, not the charge to a organization as we accustomed to perceive. Human being is the asset that a organization must look for, maintain, and develop. Understanding this, many businesses are trying their finest to attract a good pool of workers in the labor force to make sure that they gain a competitive edge against their rivals. To summarize, human resource takes on a strategic part in the eco friendly development of companies. Seeing the importance of Hrm (HRM) in business, I have been often seeking for possibilities to get a more understanding of the HR techniques in theory in reality, from where I could bring some lessons for my future advancement. To back up this kind of purpose, I choose to work with the issue of HRM during the time I actually do my internship in VICA Consultants Foreign Ltd. (VICA) This is not a major company, which might have a whole lot of HR activities. In addition, as a expert company, its success depends a lot more on relate consultants instead of their fulltime workforce, therefore they may not have a HUMAN RESOURCES department. So why do I choose it? The reason is that I want to strengthen the point that HRM is very important to corporations of all types, no matter how they do their organization and how they will employ their people. About my analyze approach, We am not going to focus on a specific area of the HRM such as the recruitment and selection process or the compensation policy. Instead, I am going to bring an overall photo of the HRM practices in the company, which will be clearer and clearer as we go through the survey. Finally, I would really prefer to express my gratitude to my family, who have help me to obtain time to give attention to my research, to my personal university professors, who I have had chance to work with during the last 3 years and also have provided me with a large amount of precious know-how, the taking care of director of VICA, that has provided myself with ample support at my internship generally there, and lastly to Ms. Le Thi Thu who has given us a lot of consultation and instructions during my internship. I learned a lot via her and i also hope and believe that this report probably would not disappoint her expectation. In conclusion, I wish that report offers you valuable info and I could welcome almost all comments to be able to improve my own knowledge, standpoint as well as writing.

Component 1: Introduction to VICA

1 . Organization and Development of VICA

VICA Consultants Intercontinental Ltd. began on twenty sixth April,...

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