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A career Analysis Task Bingyu Wang (Suzy) Lawrence Technological College or university

Job Research Assignment


The purpose of this kind of assignment is always to familiarize you with task analysis tactics and the use of the O*NET site. This assignment is definitely directly tied to learning goals 1, a few, and a few for the course.


You are expected to assess a job making use of the job examination techniques referred to in the textbook and/or address. You may employ your own personal experience of the job (either as a task incumbent or perhaps as a recipient of the output of these job) and/or material from the O*NET web page. As O*NET may have already conducted employment analysis in the job, I would recommend you make total use of that resource although be sure to refer to O*NET effectively if you do. Every single student ought to work alone. Use the worksheet that follows to complete the assignment. A scoring rubric can be found mounted on the job in Blackboard. Once you have completed the assignment, submit your answers through the Blackboard task for that goal.

What work are you analyzing (e. g., Hairdresser, Dental office, etc . ): Bank Teller


1 . What types of activities would you perform prior to the in fact beginning the job analysis? Be specific as to the types of information you might look for and the resources where this sort of information could possibly be found.

Let me do job analysis stick to six measures from textbook. Before the truly beginning the task analysis, there are three steps to perform. Step 1 : Choose you'll utilize information (Dessler G., Job analysis and the talent managing process, 2011). There are many techniques for collecting task analysis data, such as the interview, questionnaires, observation, job examination techniques, etc. I decide to use functional work analysis, Web job evaluation O*NET to get data. 2: Review relevant background information (Dessler G., Task analysis as well as the talent administration process, 2011). At first financial institution organization chart is useful info. For example Figure1 (bank of st . helena, 2008) displays Bank Of St . Helena organization. You observe from the graph, tellers occupy large number of financial institution employee. Nevertheless , tellers are generally not at top rated of company, Teller manager at the middle level, the most popular teller that i analysis in this assignment in lower level.

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Then I produced a process graph to analyze the task workflow based on Bank Of St . Helena organization. In Figure two, tellers attain bank services rules, operation rules and also other information from senior teller, Tellers also get customer economic request, in that case help consumer make economical transaction, give product and service. Next tellers dispatched the data and customer feedback to senior teller to review. Based on the organization graph and process chart, tellers are large and significant part in bank, execute a lot of standard works, and direct provide customers. 3: Select rep positions (Dessler G., Task analysis as well as the talent management process, 2011). Overall, tellers' position and workflow are clearly, I really do not believe it significant job upgrade is necessary. In line with the characteristics of different banks, the staff requirements can be some minor alterations.

2 . In the event that you where to actually execute a job analysis, discuss the steps you would employ and how you will go about doing the job evaluation. Your answer should include: kind of job analysis (e. g., functional, important incidents, etc . ), type of data collection (e. g., observation, interview, etc . ), and how you would go about gathering and validating the data.

Let me use functional job research, U. S i9000. NAVY MODEL web work analysis O*NET to collect info, then use observation and interview to verify the information. Step 1. Data collection and job evaluate.

1) Functional job analysis...

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