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Michelle Jolley

Scholar ID: 000366430

Mentor: Lidiya Yanusheva

Activity A: Learning Theories

& Learners

Constructivism, Cognitivism, Behaviorism

Constructivism is Beneficial for


● Once there are multiple " correct” ways to

solve a problem.

●In problem-based learning, where the

process is more essential than the item


●When students make, or build, their

very own learning, rather than the teacher

sharing with them what they must know.

● In a breakthrough learning situation

Cognitivism is helpful for


● With advanced coordinators that link new

understanding how to previous know-how

● With metacognitive approaches where

students focus on all their preferred learning


● With chunked information

● Summarizing, synthesizing and

arranging information

Behaviorism is Beneficial to get


● Memorizing language, verb conjugation or rote

facts (drill and practice)

● If the teacher is the source of expertise,

and learners simply need to bird it back

● When the tutor wants to encourage specific

manners by giving rewards or suppress

behaviors by giving consequences

● In computer-based learning situations

Task W: Learning Theory

Used in Lesson Plan


For many years Behaviorism was the basis for

learning methods called GrammarTranslation and ALM (Audio-Lingual Method). This lesson strategy is based on a vintage ALM


Behaviorism– Lessons Plan

Focuses on drill and practice

Memorization of dialogues, with the hope

that structures will transfer to " real”


Substitution exercises change one elements

of your sentence to target practice on isolated

sentence structure elements

Process C: Edition of

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Adapted to Cognitivism

Behaviorism modified to Cognitivism

Tutor would present example paragraphs in pairs with

the indicative plus the subjunctive and enquire students to

form their particular theories regarding the differences.

Discussion and answers follow.

Instead of prewritten, unrelated sentences, students

would be linked to creating trials, and perhaps

showing them, based upon their own interests, thus

making personal cable connections to the composition being


A more personalized activity could replace the

memorization of any dialogue, such as a game where

students meet phrases employing ojalá plus the subjunctive

to the person probably to express individuals sentiments.

Process D: Lesson Plan


Cognitivism can be preferable mainly because

Teacher will help students set up information,

yet students are definitely more involved in the process

than in behaviorism

Links the development to students' prior


Illustrative cases come from both the

teacher plus the students

Personal practice is far more meaningful, and

therefore very likely to be stored

Task Electronic: Effective

Instructions Through the

Utilization of Design Hypotheses

Using a design and style theory to plan a

lesson …

Provides a scaffold upon which to make the


Allows the teacher to find the big picture as

well while the individual elements of the lesson

Guides organizing with a purpose and a

focus – planning much more intentional and


Can reflect the teaching/learning

viewpoint of the tutor

Task F: Design Theories

Strengths and Limitations:



Teaching intended for Understand (The Harvard model)

Strengths of Wiggins Theory

● Challenges planning while using end in mind

● Conveniently incorporates standards into


● Concentrates on the most crucial skills and


● Is led by necessary questions

● Provides and encourages the utilization of data

to tell instruction

Restrictions of Wiggins

● Understanding by Design is a

complicated system that requires many

hours of specialist development moment for

teachers to learn

● Even after learning the system, UbD can

seem to be complex and time...

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