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The reason for carrying out this test was to evaluation the variable behavior from the male Siamese fighting fish. This experiment was conducting by taking a male Betta fish and placing the fish bowl up coming to a reflection so it would be able to see his reflection. All of us also uncovered the seafood to many others to see if the behaviour was the same or different when put next to: a goldfish, a female Betta fish, and a zebra fish. My speculation was expected by this research and it absolutely was observed which the Betta fish was disturbed by simply his reflection in the reflect but his aggressive behavior reduced rapidly the moment other containers, containing various kinds of fish, had been placed subsequent to his.  


Ethology is the study of animal behavior. An animal's behavior is based on its response to evolution, ecology, social organization and sensory abilities of the animal (J. Morgan, Looking into Biology p. 677). There are three types of actions: agonistic, positioning, and reproductive. Orientation is when the organism is placed in their beneficial environment consisting of two behaviors, taxis (movement straight towards or away something) and kinesis (random movement). Reproductive is detected applying drosophila from this lab, that consists of locating courting and mating with another with the species Variable behavior is found in a situation the place that the animal feels threated simply by another, ultimately causing the patient looking bigger or more frightening to the opponent. Within the Hesitant behavior, we could find aggression, where the dog goes towards the stimuli with intentions of attacking, or submission where animal will retreat. Inside our case, the Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting seafood, was discovered to show extreme agnostic tendencies while shown his reflection. Male Siamese fighting fish are known to be extremely local while also hostile to other guy betta fish. If perhaps two betta fish are placed inside the same pan, they will carry out aggressive behavior until one of the seafood is " defeated or subordinated” (J. Morgan, Examining Biology p. 685). If a male beta feels vulnerable, they will sparkle their fins and boost the speed with their fins, they will also rush on the stimuli. With this experiment, all of us tested the behavior of the beta fish whilst being exposed to his reflection inside the mirror, along with the sight of other fish including: a girl betta fish, a goldfish, and a zebra fish. Notice: the different fish were not put into the same dish as the Siamese fighting seafood; their containers were located next to one another. Hypothesis:

In case the Betta splendens are placed subsequent to the looking glass, he will begin hitting in the side of the bowl and showing aggression towards his reflection. The fish is only going to take 10 seconds to exhibit the initially signs of irresolute behavior. When placed subsequent to the girl Betta splendens, the male Betta will try to attack women as well, however it will take him fifteen just a few seconds to show signs of aggressive behavior. When ever placed up coming to the platinum fish and zebra seafood, the male Betta will show indications of aggression towards the bright rare metal fish although not the zebra fish.


When the Betta splendens turns into more aggressive, he will raise his dorsal fin 1st following his pectoral termin.


The subsequent materials were chosen for this test: Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), piece of cardboard box (anything can be used given that it prevents the male betta from seeing the other fish), and a timer.

Performing this experiment:

1)Grab a piece of paper and pen to prepare you pertaining to fast benefits while observing the fish's behavior. 2)Place the mirror against the fishbowl containing the male Betta splendens. 3)When the betta fish understands his reflection, record findings.

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