Media Goal

 Media Target Research Paper

п»їMedia Aim

a. Customers

Our customers is the kids aged several to 15 and their parents.

m. Key Concept

Our health survey conducted lately has says the currently lifestyle as well as the eating habits of children aged 3 to twelve is becoming unhealthier, compared to 20 years ago.

The facts we have found happen to be as follow:

i actually. Junk food and chemical food

- Children aged 3 to 12 today possess consumed even more fast-food because of the busy work load of their parents. They also consume much chemical substance food, which usually contained a lot preservatives and MSG. These kinds of would result in a negative impact on their health in long term.

2. Unhealthy sleeping habits

The children nowadays have got spent enough time on playing electronics devices, particularly the tablets and androids. They would sleeping very overdue finally because they play the games attentively. As a result they do not have enough sleep in school days.

iii. Insufficient physical exercise

Kids now have put in less time upon doing exercising. Rather, that they spend more time upon playing digital appliances and surfing the web.

iv. Unhealthy advancement

Due to the inappropriate way of life and eating habit, children aged 3 to 10 might develop a bad development, both mentally and physically, which in turn impacts their particular growth later on.

sixth is v. Impacts upon parents

-- The parents, alternatively, would be impacted too. They may become more concerned with the children's into the would be willing to spend more income in purchasing health companies supplements to their children.

After all, we all aim to draw out the findings as well as to promote our health goods to our customers through the multimedia. Our health products suit the children aged several to 12 by providing adequate nutrition and vitamins which can be crucial to get the their very own development.

c. Area

Our target audience is the one living in Hong Kong

d. Timing of advertisement

We choose to reveal the survey studies...

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