Navratna Essay

Navratna was the title given actually to 9 Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) identified by Government of India in 1997 because " community sector corporations that have comparative advantages", providing them with greater autonomy to be competitive in the global market in order to " support [them] within their drive to get global giants".[1] The number of PSEs having Navratna status has been raised to 16,[2] the most recent addition staying Oil India Limited. PSU companies are split up into three categories:

* Maharatna

* Navratna

* Miniratna CPSEs

* Category I

5. Category II

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Originally, the definition of Navaratna meant a amuleto or schmuck composed of nine precious jewels. Later, this symbology was adopted inside the courts of Emperor Vikramaditya and the Mughal emperor Akbar, where the Navaratnas were a team of nine remarkable men within their respective process of law. Maharatna status

In 2009, the federal government established the Maharatna position, which elevates a provider's investment roof from Rs. 1, 1000 crore to Rs. 5, 000 crore.[3] The Maharatna firms can now decide on investments of up to 12-15 per cent of their net worth within a project; the Navaratna businesses could invest up to Rs 1, 500 crore with no explicit government approval. BHEL is elegible for Maharatna status and has also sent applications for the same. Criteria

The 6 criteria pertaining to eligibility as Maharatna are:

1 . Having Navratna status.

2 . Listed on Indian stock exchange with lowest prescribed general public shareholding below SEBI regulations. 3. An average annual proceeds of more than Rs. 20, 500.[4] crore during the last 3 years. Before it was Rs 25, 000 Crore.[5] 4. An average total annual net worth greater than Rs. 10, 000[4] crore during the last three years. Earlier it absolutely was Rs. 15, 000 crore.[5] 5. The average annual net profit after tax greater than Rs. 2300 crore over the last 3 years. Earlier it was Rs. 5000 crore.[5] 6. Really should have significant global presence/international procedures.[6] List of Maharatna

1 . Fossil fuel India Limited [7]

2 . Indian Essential oil Corporation Limited [8]

three or more. NTPC Limited [9]

4. Oil and Natural Gas Firm Limited [9]

5. Metal Authority of India limited

6. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Navratna status

Navratna was the title given actually to 9 Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs), identified by Government of India in 1997 because having comparison advantages, which in turn allowed them greater autonomy to be competitive in the global market.[1] The amount of PSEs having Navratna status has been brought up to 15,[2] The government is likely to agreement the desired status to Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited, which is into consideration. List of Navratna

1 . Bharat Electronics Limited

2 . Bharat Petroleum Company Limited

a few. Hindustan Airline Limited

4. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

5. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited

6th. National Aluminum Company Limited

7. Nationwide Mineral Advancement Corporation Limited

8. Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited

on the lookout for. Oil India Limited

10. Power Finance Corporation Limited

11. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

12. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited

13. Rural Electrification Corporation Limited

14. Shipping and delivery Corporation of India Limited

15. GAIL (India) Limited

Miniratna Status

In addition , the us government created one other category referred to as Miniratna. Miniratnas can also access joint undertakings, set part companies and overseas office buildings but with selected conditions. In 2002, there have been 61 government enterprises which were awarded Miniratna status. Yet , at present, you will find 68 authorities enterprises that have been awarded Miniratna status. Category I

This kind of designation applies to PSEs that...

References: your five. An average annual net profit after duty of more than Rs. 2500 crore during the last 3 years. Earlier it was Rs. 5000 crore.[5]


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