Format Principles Define The Biol

п»їOutline principles that define the natural level of research

1 Behavior can be natural because it is genetically based

If this sounds accepted, then it is logical to believe that evolution can easily play a key role in behavior one particular Animal exploration can provide insight into human habit

Which is why there is also a high number of experiments performed on animals 1 Biological correlates of behavior

Likely to find a link between a particular biological factor (e. g. hormone) and a specific habit This would be the purpose of the analysts working with the BLOA, to find the link

Biological researchers generally adopt aВ reductionistВ approach to study man behavior Mini level of analysis (breaking down complex human behavior to small parts) Focusing on a task of a gene, a brain chemical, or a healthy proteins May be extremely simplistic in explaining behavior

However its important to have detailed knowledge on the components of the human behavior to see just how several elements can communicate to trigger certain actions Physiological roots of many behaviours

Humans ought to be studied as biological systems

Environment and cognition may well interact with neurological systems, impacting physiology. This kind of relationship can be bidirectional (biological can affect experience, cognition could affect biology) Physical factors may play a role in behavior

Human brain processes, neurotransmitters, hormones, family genes

It does not function alone

Respond to environment stimuli (stressful experience, attractive person walking by simply or serious brain damage) Nature versus Nurture argument

Whether man behavior is the result of biological or environment factors Interactionists approach: do not rely solely upon either nature or foster, instead having a more holistic picture of human habit

Explain how principles that define the biological level of analysis may be proven in exploration (through ideas and/or studies)

Behavior may be innate because it is genetically centered

If this is accepted, then it is usually logical to believe that progression can enjoy a key function in habit

Kendler et al 1991: В

Target: whether genes had an effect of bulimia therapy in people Method: В gathering data of 2000 female twins

Outcomes: В В concordance charge of 23% in MZ twins, and 9% in DZ baby twins. In all research, higher concordance rate in MZ than DZ baby twins, but it varies from 23% - 83% Conclusion: В genetics may have an effect on persons getting voracidad. However people may be deceptive when asked about bulimia, for that reason self-reporting info is not reliable Relationship studies: romantic relationship between variables

No 4 is altered

There is no trigger and impact determined

Research study of dual studies

Same genetic materials

Animal study can provide insight into human tendencies

Which is why there is also a high number of experiments completed on pets or animals

Rosenzweig and Bennett

Purpose: В whether enriched environment has an effect on the brain's development of neurons in the cerebral cortex Technique: В place a group of rats in 1 rampacked environment (stimulating, with interesting toys), and another group in 1 deprived environment (no toys) for 30-60 days inside their environments, they were sacrificed Results: В rats in the revitalizing environment had increase fullness in their cortex Their frente lobe (associated with thinking, planning, decision making), was heavier in rats in the stimulating environment Animal analysis may not be general

Gives idea to just how humans might behave

Several may claim its underhanded

Animals receiving harmed

Only used since last resort

Neurological correlates of behavior

Possible to find a hyperlink between a certain biological aspect (e. g. hormone) and a specific patterns This would be the essence the research workers working at the BLOA, to get the link

Marucha 1997

Aim: В where there is also a link among stress and time considered for restoration Method: В 11 dental students had all their palates punctured (minor pain) during summer, and 3 days prior to an exam period (stressful period) Result: В wounds required 8 times to heal during...

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