Parker Pen Case Study

 Essay about Parker Coop Case Study

п»ї1. Issue Statement

п‚•пЂ Short-term

This particular circumstance deals with a number of subsidiary advertising problems of PARKER, a writing tool company, which ultimately are staying into a major marketing trouble. The designer of this case has a specific objective to attain out of this case study. Wrong collection of marketing strategy by the new CEO of PARKER (Mr. Paterson) was the principal problem on this case. There are numerous of part problems associated with this. п‚•пЂ Long-term

The global approach orientation ideas failed over time of the company for the past 20 years and now the re-establishment of a global approach with multinational decentralization strategy is needed. Through which way can the company restore its main position in the global industry with a multinational marketing approach once again and retain the classic qualities of the brand?

п‚•пЂ In saying the problem(s) be specific, concise, and to the point.

The root of all bureaucratic and advertising problems is definitely the ill-defined construction and biases in the decision–making procedure derived from the CEO of the firm James L. Peterson.

Identify and list the " symptoms” to the problem and Key points of the Case

The adaptation of the unified global marketing way can be discussed as a self-reference criterion (SRC) mistake of the CEO due to his former experience. Many businesses involved in global marketing, usually do not rigidly centralized all their advertising effort, due to the huge variety in the tradition of different location. In some cases companies made tiny or few adjustments inside their standardized global effort to fulfill the requirements of different environments. Nevertheless Mr. Peterson and his technique had the rigidity in following central packaging, costs, and promotional materials. This rigidity was not recognized by the customers of different lifestyle. Pursuing the marketplace and products of lower-end in addition to higher-end items was a damaging re-positioning...

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