performance dimension

Performance Managing

1 . Functionality Management and Reward Devices in Framework

Learning Goals

By the end on this module, it will be easy to:

 explain the concept of performance supervision;

 identify performance management from performance appraisal;  explain the countless advantages of and make a business case for applying a welldesigned performance management system;

 recognise the multiple negative effects that can come up from the poor design and implementation of a performance management, which impact all the parties involved – employees, administrators, and the business as a whole;  understand the concept of a reward system and its marriage to a overall performance management system;

 distinguish between the many types of employee returns, including settlement, benefits and relational results;

 describe the multiple purposes of the performance management, including proper, administrative, information, developmental, organisational maintenance and documentation functions;

 explain and make clear the key top features of an ideal overall performance management system;  create a business presentation including influential arguments in support of an business implementing a performance management system, including the functions that functionality management systems serve and the dangers of a poorly integrated system;  note the relationship and backlinks between a performance management system and other HUMAN RESOURCES functions including recruitment and selection, schooling and creation, workforce preparing and payment.


1 . 1 Meaning of Performance Management (PM)

1 ) 2 The Performance Managing Contribution

1 . 3 Disadvantages/Dangers of Terribly Implemented PM HOURS Systems

1 ) 4 Definition of Reward Systems

1 . your five Aims and Role of PM Systems

1 . 6th Characteristics of your Ideal PM HOURS System

1 ) 7 Integration with Other Staff and Creation Activities Learning Summary

 Performance administration is a constant process of figuring out, measuring and...

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