Police-Suspect Discussion: A2 English language Language Investigation Coursework

A2 English Vocabulary Coursework

Analysis: How and why are power differences set up in police-suspect interactions through language employ? Word Rely; 2677


Equality is a important element of the English legal system but power disparities amongst those improving the law and the ones suspected of breakingoften evident. With Brownish and Levinson's Power and Politeness theory assessing the significant contribution terminology strategies include in creating such dissimilarities I have chosen to analyse just how language either instils or reduces electricity in police-suspect interactions. The opposingroles in the police have got intrigued myself as they must both control and work to allow for removal of information. I hope to establish which usually, if virtually any, power and politeness strategies enable this. Police-suspect interactions exemplify how the choice of lexis, grammar and register can be influenced by simply position and context. This sort of interactions therefore test Grice's maxims, with the relationship between the flouting of maxims and the creation of unequal electrical power being of great interest. Law enforcement officials must assess a situation, someone, and their functions to establish the kind of use of vocabulary meaning that quite a few language characteristics are apparent in their conversation. I will analyse how these create a effective interaction nevertheless also the mandatory power and assertion. I am hoping my bottom line will be relevant to some of the many other imbalanced power relationships in world.


1: Establish just how police and their suspects make and display power variations in their communications. 2: Identify the positions of equally participants by simply researching the characteristics of talk from the police officers and the believe. 3: Look at how electric power and politeness theories can be used to investigate the relationship between authorities and think and the electricity differences between them.

Strategy and Background Reading

I i am analysing major data i have transcribed from the Targeted traffic Cops episode ‘In the Line of Duty', accessed by YouTube. The clip features the stopping, searching, questioning and preventing a believe and allowed me to transcribe several. 38 mins of conversation. The participants were not recorded for the purpose of linguistic analysis as well as the interaction is usually evidently natural meaning potential obfuscation is avoided. Therefore the possibility of require characteristics is limited and a valid analysis is usually achievable. Furthermore the data lets me access normally inaccessible condition. Although actually intending to compare several police-suspect interactions the similarity during such interactions assured myself that one video is reasonably valid and dependable. The data also highlights various situations police may have to interact in, as an example questioning and restraining a suspect. This kind of variation of situations will help my analysis of language strategies and assessment of when law enforcement officials are effective in improving power and when they are certainly not. I will analyse my info qualitatively and quantitatively. Through quantitatively studying grammatical and syntactical popular features of speech I really hope to establish the distribution of instilling electrical power methods whilst testing the relevance of Fairclough's Electricity and Terminology claims, through which syntactic power structures had been identified. Here I will particularly focus on phrase lengths and functions, particularly the use of interrogatives. Analysing lexical and semantical features qualitatively will help study of position and meaning of participant's presentation whilst aiming to establish perhaps the use conforms with ideas relating to electricity through thorough micro research. I will regularly analyse Grice's Cooperative Principle and Brownish and Levinson's ‘Power and Politeness' ideas to establish the relevance of theories inside the creation of power in police-suspect discussion. The Gricean maxims of quality, amount, relevance and manner work to syntax and lexical analysis ?nternet site hope to...

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