persuasive speech outline

Name: Mohd Rizuan bin Haslan

Matrix No: Bosh 1309-3898

Influential Speech Format

Topic: Motorcycle Personal Protecting Equipment.

Company Pattern: Monroe's Motivated Pattern.

Specific Goal: To convince the audience that proper motorbike personal safety equipment intended for saves lives.

Primary Viewers Outcome: I would like the audience to participate and support motorcycle safety course.

Thesis Statement: The government should move mandatory safety motorcycles regulations for all motorcycles riders.


Motorcycle customers are seven times more likely to be engaged in a perilous accident than those traveling in an automobile. Motorcycle just avoid provide the safeguard to bikers that an auto does, so when accidents carry out occur, they generally involve severe injuries. Sometimes paralysis can occur and permanent brain damage. This injuries can be avoided if the driver protects his body and head by putting on of personal protecting equipment such as protecting clothing and headgear. Our state should complete mandatory basic safety motorcycles regulations for all motorcycle riders.


1 . The huge benefits wearing of personal protective tools while operating.

a. To shield your head and reduce injuries.

m. To protect again painful debris from other bikes.


1 ) The driver would be very much comfortable and confident while driving.

2 . The private protective equipment is easy to carry and store.

3. Easy retaining.


1 . By putting on proper personal protective equipment can be reduce having personal injury and avoid fatality. Action:

As you know, the personal protective equipment (PPE) is controlled under the section of occupational safety and health (DOSH), the road travel department Malaysia provides recommendations for motorbike helmets. We are able to help we to ensure that the motorcycle headgear and industrial safety head gear, visor, safety goggles, safety gloves, body safeguard, safety footwear and other safety tools are...

Recommendations: 1 . Headgear for stopping injury in motorcycle riders. Center for advancing health, 2008-01-23.

2 . Q& A: motorcycle headgear use laws and regulations.

a few. www.motorcycle/council/

4. Occupational security and health Act.

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