Prime Lender

1 . one particular Introduction with the Report

In the present00 competitive environment, the quest for service quality is now thought to be an essential strategy. Offering an exceptional product is no longer sufficient, because firms in the 21st century economy be competitive on a very much broader platform. In terms of the banking sector, service quality has become an increasingly important factor to achieve your goals and survival (Cui, Lewis, & Park, 2003). Supply of high quality services aids in conference several requirements such as client satisfaction and its major loyalty and market share, taking new customers, improved productivity, financial performance and profitability (Collet, Lancier, & Olliver, 1990; Julian & Ramaseshan, 1994; Lewis, 1989, 1993; Llosa, Chandon, & Orsingher, 1998). It has likewise become an important research matter because of its crucial relationship to corporate marketing and financial performance. In the current examine the specialist intends to find out the customer support performance of Prime Financial institution Limited and in addition compare the performance to private sector banks. The best Bank Limited is a national banking group that is included on the 12th February, 1995 as a consequence of relentless and made a decision efforts of any group of business people having brilliance of knowledge exposure inside the different fields of sector, trade and commerce of Bangladesh. To organize a specific and precise evaluation on service quality functionality, the researcher will consider the SURVQUAL model recommended by Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry (1988) which includes five crucial dimensions just like reliability, responsiveness, assurance, accord, and tangibles.

1 . 2 Origin with the Study

This report has been ready as a requirement of the internship program of School of Organization, North Southern region University (NSU). The organization attachment started in 24 January 2010 and finished on 24th April 2010. This project on " Comparative Examination of Customer Service Quality of Prime Financial institution Limited with other Private Industrial Banks” is assigned by Kazi Tozammel Huq, Associate Vice President, Motijheel Branch, Perfect Bank Limited (PBL) and it was approved by institution director Mr. Muntasir Alam, Lecturer, School of Business, North South University (NSU).

1 ) 3 Aim of the Study

The purpose of the analysis is to help to make a relative analysis of customer service top quality of Excellent Bank Limited with other personal commercial financial institutions. This analyze attempted to understand the customer perceptions on different service quality dimensions whilst dealing with these kinds of banks. The idea is also to make recommendations for increasing the quality and soundness of numerous services supplied to the clients by Primary bank Limited.

1 . some Statement in the problem

In the current research, the researcher will use five important sizes like stability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles to find out the customer services quality of Prime traditional bank Limited and therefore compare the service top quality with other personal commercial financial institutions in Bangladesh. The problem assertion, then, is usually stated the following: The current research will discover the customer services quality of Prime financial institution Limited taking into consideration key dimensions such as reliability, responsiveness, confidence, empathy, and tangibles and compare the performance with other private business banks in Bangladesh.

1 ) 5 Analysis Methodology

1 ) 5. one particular Research design and style

As the objective of this study is to make a comparative analysis of customer service quality of different non-public commercial banking companies, therefore descriptive research was undertaken to satisfy the main purpose of the study.

The current study will compare the customer perceptions of service top quality of Primary Bank Limited with the non-public commercial banking institutions such as Dhaka Bank Limited, Southeast Lender Ltd and Mercantile Financial institution Ltd beneath five key dimensions like tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, confidence, and empathy. This research will use a descriptive study to discover the...

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