Raks Payroll Final

 Essay about Raks Salaries Final

A Project Report about

" Payroll Managing System”


Course Term: Project Work

Course Code: 3104

Task management Prepared by

Rafiqul Alam Khan


Maryland. Jahirul Kader

Institute of Science & Technology


The Project titled " Payroll Supervision System” is submitted by Rafiqul Alam Khan, Rotate no: 12-1-50-812-002 of Company of Research & Technology under Bangladesh Open College or university. The Project has been acknowledged as acceptable for the partial completion of the requirements for the degree of " Diploma or degree in Computer Science & Application. ” Moreover, authorized for its style and items.


At first I want to give thanks to the most gracious, the merciful Almighty Kristus for featuring us enough strength and patience that carried throughout the work and enable me to complete this kind of work. I would like to express my gratitude to all or any those who offered me helping turn in completing this kind of term conventional paper.  I need to thank my Job Supervisor Md. Jahirul Kader for assisting me anytime I needed it the most. My friends have also supported me during my work. I would like to thank all for their support, support, curiosity and valuable hints.


Payroll management system includes all the duties involved in spending an organization's employees. It typically involves keeping track of hours worked and ensuring that workers receive the ideal amount of pay. It also includes determining taxes and social security, as well as ensuring that they are correctly withheld and processed. Depending on company involved, a full range of other rebates may be calculated, withheld, and processed within payroll operations. Additionally , the processing of contractor obligations may fall under the umbrella of payroll administration.

The specific duties involved in salaries administration tend to vary according to the needs of every unique business or organization. For example , a few companies have workers that receive commissions in addition to salaries. During these companies, which include commissions in employee salaries is a component to payroll government. For some companies, it also consists of assigning exempt or nonexempt status to workers, adding bonuses in paychecks, calculating overtime repayments, and sticking with applicable career laws.

Handling payroll-related problems are component to payroll government as well. In the event that an employee can be paid an incorrect amount or maybe a direct first deposit fails to move through, both things are payroll operations issues. Furthermore tax processing and deduction errors are payroll government matters as well.

Payroll government can be very straightforward, involving the repayment of simply a handful of personnel, or extremely complicated, involving payroll for thousands of workers and companies. In some, small companies, payroll may be dealt with by the owner of the firm or a worker. However , others may have sufficient employees to pay and maintain track of necessitating a well planned, efficient salaries administration program.

Payroll is defined as a method of administrating employees' salaries in the organizations. The task consists of calculation of salaries and tax deductions of the employees, administrating the old age benefits and disbursements of salaries to employees. It is also called since an accounts activity which usually undertakes the salary administration of personnel in the firm. Administrating the employees' incomes is no easy job, the HUMAN RESOURCES and accounts department work together to determine and disburse the salary to the employees. Thus, salaries management can be further subdivided into two sub operations, i. electronic. Payroll accounting and payroll administration. Payroll refers to the administration of employees' wages, wages, bonuses, net pay, and reductions. It incorporate the employee IDENTIFICATION, employee identity, date of joining, daily attendance record,...

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