Lso are Gcse Pilgrimage

 Essay regarding Re Gcse Pilgrimage


What would a Pilgrim do on a Pilgrimage to; a) Holy land b) Rome and why? a) Holy Land

Pilgrims go to the Holy Property (Israel) to follow along with in the footsteps of Jesus. There are many places which can be particularly connected with him; Bethlehem where he came to be, Nazareth where he was brought up, Galilee in which he did much teaching, talking and recovery and Jerusalem where he was crucified and rose again from the dead. Many pilgrims would go to Jerusalem by Easter to not forget the last week in the existence of Jesus ( Holy Week). They can visit: •Mount of Olives

•The Town

•The Western Wall membrane

•Mount Zion

•Garden of Gethsemane

•The Via Lesion

•The Church with the Holy Sepulchre

•The Burial Cave

Bethlehem lies half a dozen miles To the south of Jerusalem where pilgrims might visit the Church from the Nativity since it is traditionally thought that Jesus was born or laid right now there. Eighty kilometers to the north lie Nazareth and the Marine of Galilee. In Nazareth, where Christ spent the majority of his youngsters and early on manhood, pilgrims may visit the Church with the Annunciation and Mary's Very well. Galilee was your location of all of Jesus' preaching; this website of the nourishing of the five thousand is a attract for many pilgrims.

b) Rome

Rome is the second most important host to pilgrimage and a lot of pilgrims check out there in order to see the metropolis and locations which have been so important to their beliefs. •The Coliseum

•the Pantheon

•The Posture of Constantine

•The Vatican (home in the Pope)

 St Peter's Sq .

Basilica of St . Peter

•The Catacombs

•The Sistine Chapel

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