Subtle Suicide

 Essay about Subtle Suicide

Delicate Suicide

In respect an American doctor; Dr Eileen Church, he describe refined suicide as being a pattern of self-destructive emotions, thoughts and behaviors that take place on the substantial time period and over a considerable period of time and significantly reduce the quality and possibly length of one's life. There is also a reasons why people subtle suicide such as obesity, drugs and depression challenges.

Obesity is one of the main reasons for what reason people commit subtle committing suicide. Obesity can be relate to low self esteem, and feel anxiousness and shamed with self. People who are obese, always be a victim of humiliate by simply other people specifically naughty covers, co-worker or colleague-in university, college or office. Obese people will certainly feel like there is no use to enable them to continue all their life, and also to stop each of the humiliate points, they found subtle committing suicide is the best remedy.

Depression may be the second explanations why people devote subtle committing suicide. Depression may be described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, unhappy, or straight down in the dumps. As we is able to see in the reports paper that they can were so many people commit committing suicide because of depress. There are a lot of causes why that they commit subtle suicide just like high cost of living, chaos in the family, damaged relationship, and etc. For the a teenager commit suicide mainly because didn't receive 9A's pertaining to SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) because he was afraid that his father or mother will get crazy because don't get direct A's for all those subject. That they always think that " Everybody would become better off with no me” to make rational perception for make suicide.

Prescription drugs the third main reasons why people dedicate subtle suicide. Usually persons now a day simply will believe by consume alcohol, smoking and drugs can make these people feel better, feel happy and they think they will ran from the problems that they may have. But they are entirely wrong that, in fact in that way actually they are really trying to get rid of themselves. It is because when we had taken drugs they actually lose control over themselves and...