Scharffen Berger Chocolates Maker CIRCUMSTANCE D

п»їScharffen Berger Chocolate Manufacturer CASE:

Dialogue Questions

GEEZ 402

1 ) Describe the manufacturer position of Scharffen Berger. How does the existing production method contribute to that brand?

a. Scharffen Berger Chocolate's value placement is " producing chocolate of the highest quality possible with the finest ri?a possible. ” It is a high quality priced product with good brand reputation.

w. The company's work with traditional artisan production approach allows that to differentiate itself via competitors if it is one of just one or two brands that produces chocolates " by beans to bars. ” It has tight regulations about quality power over products created both under one building and through 3rd companions. Using human being tasters, including controllers and a blind taste assessment at the end in the process, removes a certain percentage of errors that may be manufactured via a machine-only testing process. Scharffen Berger also aims to minimize equipment errors using a twice/month adjusted procedure protocol. This close regulation of top quality allows the company to ensure an increased percent of top quality only products are shelved.

installment payments on your What is the current capacity in the process? What is the current logjam?

a. Current Capacity in the Process can be 40, six hundred kg/month

m. The current bottleneck resource is definitely the conche, which will limit the availability quantity since each gets the lowest resource capacity (1353 kg/day) inside the process.

3. Are these the best conclusions regarding the proposed ball mill? What are the benefits? Precisely what are the risks? Because Jim Harris, would you move forward with the setup of that alter? How might you do so?

a. While the Ball Mill provides the potential to increase capacity production by 12. 4%, your mixer resource can become the new bottleneck in the process. w. Benefits:

i. Decrease Conching flow time (60hrs to 15hrs)

ii. Elevated Revenue

c. Risks:

i actually. Risk being unable to have a substantial return upon capital expense (Cost of Purchase - $300, 000) ii. Training...

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