Singapore Television Censorship Laws

Multimedia Corporation of Singapore, also referred to as MediaCorp, is a only television set broadcaster in Singapore. MediaCorp runs seven Free-to-air (FTA) television channels and 18 radio stations.

This is the list of FTA channels that MediaCorp gives:

• Route 5 – The number one The english language mass entertainment and way of living channel for the entire family.

• Funnel 8 – 24-hour Oriental news and entertainment route reputed as the market head. It is the many watched organic Chinese funnel in Singapore, enthralling it is audience with high quality locally-produced and acquired programmes.

• Funnel U – The entertainment channel intended for the working professionals and Internet generation. Reputed for its unique mixture of innovative neighborhood productions and acclaimed programs from the place, Channel U is the decision channel to get viewers outdated 15–39.

• Route NewsAsia - Established in March 99, Channel NewsAsia is the news channel using a regional reach, providing the most recent in news and information on global developments with Asian perspectives.

• Okto - Airing between 9am and midnight, this kind of channel focuses on kids plus the youth more recently. It also has programmes that target the developing local disciplines community, and video clips sent in by visitors.

• Suria - The option channel that is the pulse of Singapore's Malay community sends programmes that reflect the initial views and lifestyles of modern Malay Singaporeans.

• Vasantham - The house of Tamil and Bollywood movies and aspires to be the pulse and soul of Indian entertainment for the Indian community in Singapore. (MediaCorp)

While Singapore can be described as multi-cultural and multi-racial region, MediaCorp Tv caters to just about every Singaporean. MediaCorp is totally owned by Temasek Holdings, which is a authorities investment provide. Due to MediaCorp being completely own by government, MediaCorp Television would not push the Out of Bound (OB) markers but instead uses it to advertise nationalism and nation building through censorship of content. I will take a look at the guidelines decide for FTA television by Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), why there is a tight control over media by government, give an example of a television plan in Singapore, the public views on censorship and industry practitioner's and academia's views on the censorship in the media.

As a result of Singapore like a multicultural region, the Singapore government's objective was to possess people from different competition and religious beliefs to live in balance, to " get a feeling of cohesiveness and act accordingly because an ‘imagined community'” (Chua, 1995 s. 16)

Because the independence of Singapore, " one of the most essential goal for its leaders was going to ensure that the nation survives” (Tan, 2002 s. 13). This ‘ideology of survival' imply that the " population has to be transformed into a tightly organized and remarkably disciplined citizenry” (Chua, 95 p. 18). Thus in 1978, the government started inculcating Confucian values into its citizens. These types of Confucian principles are " values of discipline, value for authority and dedication to the community” (Brown, 1985 p. 24). This has " enabled the government to articulate a new version for Singapore and Singaporeans which highlighted economic expansion and to stand for this orientation as the sole rational decision for the population” (Chua, 1995 g. 17).

As Singapore started to be more globalised, the government terrifying that Singaporeans would be will be influenced by simply ‘negative' external influences or rather ‘negative' westernization influences. Therefore the need for a national lifestyle that the diverse ethnic groupings in Singapore can connect with. In 1988, ex - Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong, built a pitch to create this National Ideology. Goh Chok Tong argued that " such a National Ideology, setting out society's guiding rules, will help Singaporeans keep their very own Asian bearings as they strategy the twenty-first century” (The Straits...

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