Cultural Interaction, the Internet and the Home

How has the internet affected the way we are socialized? How might that affect each of our sense of self as well as the way all of us relate to one another in culture? Utilize the theories/concepts you have learned and reflect on the issues that Sherry Turkle raised in her speak.

When I first read this assignment, I actually immediately thought of Facebook, and my love-hate relationship with it. Facebook has become part of our culture, whether we like it or not.

One of the great achievements of Fb is that that enables us to get in touch with people we know, enlarging our social network, keeping us in contact regardless of time and place. In other words, it makes the world a great deal smaller than there were originally believed.

It also encourages us to reach out to people we scarcely have any kind of associations with. I remember once i was fresh, I was trained not to speak to strangers on the street, let alone around the Internet. Today, it is hardly ever seen as a strange act (Fig. 1). Which goes to show that culture is definitely adaptive and always changing. The generation features discarded technological aspects of appointment people and making friends since it is now " more practical” to do so on the web. Our attitudes about how we have to form our relationships with others possess changed considerably.

This new culture, of course , is not merely subject to one specific group of people. " All man societies, inspite of their selection, share a few cultural characteristics and features. ” (Murdock, 1940) In respect to the latest statistics, you will discover 183, 963, 780 Facebook or myspace users in Asia by itself, and statistics are growing (Fig. 2). The effect in the Internet touches all countries, all events, all genders, and all additional demographics, which will all the more makes such an excellent impact on the west.

Whether it is on Facebook, Facebook or perhaps Google+, users all speak by publishing status improvements; photos, video tutorials, and give feedback to each other by commenting on others' posts, but these actions are...

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