Sociology and Sociable Care

Credit rating value: 12


Beliefs and

planning in

cultural care

This unit examines how interpersonal care solutions need to admit the uniqueness of each specific, and strategy and deliver support providers in a holistic way to make certain all the individual's needs are met. By completing a range of activities you can develop a comprehension of the various nature of the people who are receiving care and several of the ethical issues that may arise in health and interpersonal care adjustments. This will require recognising the rights and responsibilities of the two individual plus the social care practitioner. At times these rights can look like in conflict. This unit enables you to explore the various issues and ethical dilemmas that could occur and go over ways of solving them.

Byundertakingplacementsincaresettings, youcanlinkthetheoryyouhavebeentaughtinthe classroomtoprofessionalpractice. Asyouprogressthroughtheunit, youwillstarttorecognise goodsocialcarepractice, developyourreflectivepracticeskillsandunderstandtheimportance ofensuringthatyouhaveprofessionalboundariesinplace. Youwillalsogainanunderstanding oftheimportanceofprinciplesandvalues, whichinformallhealthandsocialcarepractice. Avital partofprinciplesandvaluesissupportplanning, whichmeansensuringthatindividualneedsare plannedforandresourcesareputinplace. Aspartofthesupportplanningprocess, youwillalso gainanunderstandingofsomeoftheethicalandlegalboundariesthatareinvolvedwhencaringfor vulnerablepeople.

Learning final results

After completing this kind of unit you should:


figure out principles and values which usually underpin the planning of support for individuals


know processes involved in preparing support for those


understand legislation, guidelines and rules of practice related to the planning of support for individuals


understand moral principles in relation to providing support for individuals.


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Analysis and grading criteria

This table teaches you what you must do in order to acquire a pass, worth or differentiation grade, and where you can find activities in this publication to help you.

To attain a pass grade, the

evidence must show you happen to be

able to:

To achieve a advantage grade, the

evidence need to show that, in

addition to the pass criteria, you are

in a position to:

To achieve a distinction level,

the evidence must show that, in

conjunction with the complete and worth

criteria, you may:

P1 Explainhowtheapplicationof

M1 Reviewthebenefittoindividuals

D1 Analysereasonsforworkingwith

P2 Identifytheprocessesand

M2 Describehowthreekey

D2 Assesspotentialissueswhich





See Examination activity being unfaithful. 1,

webpage 11





Observe Assessment activity 9. 2,

page 18




Discover Assessment activity 9. you,

page 14



See Analysis activity 9. 2,

page 18




See Evaluation activity on the lookout for. 1,

page 11




See Examination activity on the lookout for. 2,

page 18

P3 Explain how one piece of

legislation, a single policy and one

code of practice could be utilized

to preparing support for individuals.

See Analysis activity 9. 3,

page 23

P4 Explain how you can incorporate honest

principles in to the provision of

support for individuals.

See Examination activity being unfaithful. 4,


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