Solubility of Co2 in Water

Solubility of CO2 in water

Aim: To decarbonate a bottle of softdrink and find out how much CO2 inside the drink. * Principle: The response between carbon and drinking water is a good example of an equilibrium reaction:



* a few soft drink bottles (300ml)

* 6g of salt (NaCl)

* Multiple beam balance scale

* Thermometer

5. Digital scale

5. Watch cup

* Electric hotplate


Standing method

1 ) An unopened bottle of carbonated beverage was measured.

2 . The cap was removed slowly and gradually with care, manipulating the release of bubbles so that the soda water does not contact form out the best and reduce soda water. 3. The opened bottle was left for 1 hour and reweighted. Warming approach (uses the reduced water solubility of gas with temperature rise) 1 . The open container stood thoroughly on an electric powered hotplate, and stirred making use of the thermometer to discharge the gas bubbles. installment payments on your The soda bottle was heated to about 37oC.

a few. The jar and its limit were reweighted.

4. The change in fat was computed due to loss in CO2 gas to the air flow. Salting technique (uses digging in ions which attract water molecules and minimize the availability of water in a position to dissolve gas) 1 . 6g of salt was weighted.

2 . The salt was added incredibly slowly and carefully to the soda drinking water so that the water does not degas too quickly. three or more. The jar and its limit were reweighted.

four. The change in weight was calculated as a result of loss of LASER gas to the air, allowing the salt included in the soda pop water.


Method type | Fat before | Weight following | Enhancements made on weight (amount of CARBON DIOXIDE loss) | Standing up| 338g| 337. 5g| 0. 5g

Heating | 353. 5g| 352. 2g| 1 ) 3g

Salting | 338. 2g| 342. 6g| 1 . 5g

5. Calculate the losing of CO2 in (a) gram, (b) skin moles. (molar amount of a gas at 25oC and tips. 3KPa pressure is twenty four. 5L)


1 . Compare the quantity of gas released with the volume of liquid soda drinking water...

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