Stats 21

 Essay about Stats twenty-one

Routine for Stat 21, Fall 2013

Take note: Chapter readings are by FPP, and SG refers to Professor Philip Stark's online text SticiGui. " records by RP” indicates Professor Roger Purves' notes in chance parameters, which will be posted on Canvas later.

Week one particular (8/29):

• Reading: chapters 3, 5; SG 3, 4

• Histograms, actions of site and pass on, first take a look at Markov and Chebyshev Week 2 (9/3, 9/5)

• Reading:

chapters 5, almost eight, 9; SG: 6, 7, 8

• Finish section 4

• Normal contour, normal approximation for data, correlation Week 3 (9/10, 9/12)

• QUIZ 1 on Mon 9/9 on Chapters three or more, 4 (in lab)

• Reading:

chapters 9, 12, 11; SG 5, 9

• Relationship, regression

Week 4 (9/17, 9/19)

• Reading:

chapters 11, 12; SG twelve, 11

• Regression problems, the regression line

Week 5 (9/24, 9/26)

• QUIZ two on Mon 9/23 in Chapters your five, 8, on the lookout for (in lab)

• Examining:

chapters 13, 14, 12-15; SG 12, 17, 18, 19

• Probability, conditional probability, Bayes' rule, binomial distribution Week 6 (10/1, 10/3)

• Reading:

phase 15; SG 20, Paperwork on opportunity variables by Prof.

Roger Purves

• Continue probability, some under the radar distributions (geometric, negative binomial, hypergeometric). Week 7 (10/8,, 10/10)

• MIDTERM 1 on Wednesday 10/8 upon Chapters 1-5, 8-15, and associated content from SG • Examining (for Thursday):

chapter 18; notes by simply RP

• Chance processes, box unit, law of large numbers

Week 8 (10/15, 10/17)

• Reading:

chapters 17, 18; notes by simply RP; SG 23

• EV, APRENDI, CLT, Markov and Chebyshev revisited.

Week 9 (10/22, 10/24)

• Reading:

chapters 19, twenty; notes by simply RP; SG 24

• Sample research, chance mistakes in sampling

Week 12 (10/29, 10/31)

• QUIZ 3 on Monday 10/28 on Chapters 17, 18, notes by RP (in lab) • Reading:

chapters 21, 3

• Confidence intervals

Week 11 (11/5, 11/7)

• Reading:

chapters 1, a couple of, 26; SG 28

• The design of trials, and the approach to comparison. Week 12 (11/12, 11/14)

• MIDTERM 2 on Wednesday 11/12 in Chapters 16-23,...

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