Supply Chain Management of Hero Pattern

Topic: - cycle to give the identity (brand name) for their product and in addition they have to program their own supply chain administration. The focus should be on every Drivers (Order processing, purchase, transportation, logistics, IT, prices, Warehousing, Inventory management etc)


The job is a great illuminating quest to the world of supervision. Co-operation and co-ordination of various people is definitely involved in the creation of a job. It is impossible to thank each of them separately, but We am producing a very humble effort thank some of them.

To begin with I want to appreciate my lecturer for assigning me this kind of a great job. She not only assigned us a responsible position in the project but also showed self confidence in myself throughout the project.


Brand name (identity)





Information technology



Inventory Management


I've opened a fresh cycle sector. Here is the industry of India wanted to top quality products of cycle, Numerous brand products also available in this article. Customer determines the quality products and cheap prices in the market to fulfillment of your need. My spouse and i looked the Indian market here is significant demand in the new brand and clients also influence to purchase it.

Brand name of the business: -

Business name: - Harishbee. pvt. limited

Name brand bee



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