The Feasibility of Lemon Turf Extract while Anti-Oxidant (ofcourse not Mine)

The fesibility of Lemon Turf Extract while Anti-oxidant


This study aims to identify the ideal quantity of top quality effect intended for using anti – oxidant by having the extract of lemon lawn. The lemon grasses were chopped at the constant size and pushed afterwards and were examined for their appearance and effeitinity.

After the preliminary test to find out the best insulator to get the making of anti – oxidant out of extract " lemon " grass. 46 people were tested in different conditions in their body system. Every 3 days, a batch of 4 280ml bottles of anti – oxidant had been released through the researcher, analyzed and seen. After a couple weeks of assessment, a conclusion was made that the most number of people, resulted in good effect are about 33 people.

Table of Contents:

SECTION I: Introduction....................... i

Assertion of the trouble........... ii

Hypothesis........................ iii

Range and limit............... iv

Definition of terms................. versus

CHAPTER 2: RRL............................. vi

CHAPTER 3: Methodology...................... vii

CHAPTER IV: Results and discussion.............. viii

CHAPTER Versus: Conclusion and Recommendation..... ix

CHAPTER NI: Bibliography....................... times


I would really prefer to say thanks to my parents to get helping myself to finish this investigatory project. To my buddies who as well helped me morally in this job. And ofcourse to our hevenly Almighty God, who gave me knowledge and strenght with this investigatory task.

Chapter I


A. Background in the study

Lemon grasses are much known as one of the ingredients in cooking vian. Lemon turf refers to the green plants, called producers. While not all makers have green colors, you will find thousands of shades of species that do. Almost all lemon grass have the same kind of leaves. Lemon grass is among the herbal medical plant typing made up only one distinct layer. This part which is consisting of mineral referred to as phosphate. " lemon " grass contains mineral phosphate. This mineral is usually continent used as anti – oxidant that has each own important function with regards to to treat the body discomfort. People utilized these due to the body treatment. In this study, researchers analyze more about lemon turf that can provide contribution in healing physique pains. The objective of this analyze is to understand and to identify the effect of extract citrus grass while anti – oxidant towards the affected area of the body.

B. Statement with the problem

-- General Aims

* To create the essential oil ointment (anti – oxidant) out of extract citrus grass. * To find out conceivable effect of remove lemon grass on the body soreness.

- Particular Objectives

This kind of study should answer this query:

2. Can get lemon grass be made into an anti – oxidant?

* Is there a significant effect of using this kind of anti – oxidant?

C. Hypothesis

* Extract citrus grass could be made into an anti – oxidant.

2. There is a significant effect of making use of this kind of anti – oxidant.

D. Significance of the study

This study is important to ensure that us to learn whether or not remove lemon grass as anti – oxidant may cure the damaged part of the body.

E. Opportunity and Restriction

This job is limited only on the effect of extract lemon grass because anti – oxidant (oil ointment). This really is to determine the amount of extract lemon turf to be utilized as anti – oxidant to the body of a human. It does not involve comparison involving the extract citrus grass and the commercial one as anti – oxidant.

F. Definition of terms

5. Extract – obtain (a substance or resource) via something by a special approach.

* Lotion – an easy oily element that is applied on the pores and skin for healing purpose.

5. Anti – oxidant – a element that prevents or...

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