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– The Charter Company

Discussion Questions

Answer these types of questions using the overview (p. 1) and 5 Displays (pp. several – 9). Write your responses within a new twine on the panel. 1 . Compute the following ratios for each season during the period 1980-1983. Comment on the trend indicated by every ratio with regards to the financial overall performance and condition of the Hire Company.

a. Profitability:

Go back on average total assets (assume a 46% income tax rate) ROTA=Sales/Total assests

1983=133896/1720622. 5=7. 78%

1982=108180/1584686=6. 83%

1981=155673/1643793=6. 45%

1980=145485/1737477=8. 37%

The phone number are regular expect in 1981.

m. Turnover:

i. Accounts receivable (based on average low trade receivables). RTR= Sales/Average net receivables

1983=5656770/278680. 5=20. 3

1982=4017161/303254=13. 2

1981=4966171/333050=14. 9

1980= 4563011/309291=14. 8

The company is usually not selling as fast as they are receiving.

2. Inventory (based on average total inventory).

ITR=Sales/Average total inventory

1983=5656770/304733=18. 6

1982=4017161/188218=21. 3

1981=4966171/216129=22. 9

1980=4563011/321876=14. 2

iii. Total property (based usually total assets).

TAR=Sales/Average total property

1983=5656770/1720623=3. 3

1982=4017161/1584686=2. five

1981=4966171/1643793=3. zero

1980=4563011/1737477=2. 6

c. Fluid:

my spouse and i. Current proportion

Current Assets/Current Liabilities

1983=801727/700755=1. 18

1982=641876/540659=1. nineteen

1981=608945/459123=1. 32

1980=773662/535457=1. 44

ii. Quick ratio

Current Assets–total inventories/Current Financial obligations

1983=801727-369716/700755=0. sixty two

1982=641876-239749/540659=0. seventy four

1981=608945-136687/459123=1. 03

1980=773662-295571/535457=0. fifth there�s 89

The proportion is excessive showing the company can't meet up with their responsibilities.

d. Solvency

i. Total liabilities to perform equities

1983=1199072/614127=1. 96

1982=987255/640791=1. fifty four

1981=886745/654581=1. thirty-five

1980=1068574/677686=1. 58

ii. Total long-term debt to total long term debt additionally owner's fairness 1983=40. 3%...

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