The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Video Analysis Worksheet, Answered

Directions: Paste the browser listed below to view it " The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow” (54: 35), then answer this questions credited 9/18/14. Video Analysis Worksheet

Precisely what is the title in the video?

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

What are three concepts or perhaps ideas you expected to find based on the title of the video? -The creation of John Crow regulations

-People who have supported/did not really support the laws

-Actions to terminate the laws

What was the central communication of the video?

To show how a Jim Crow laws impacted American background.

What had been the strengths AND weaknesses in the video?

Advantages: Showed the foundation of where the laws were formed, and shared information regarding previous attempts to eliminate the laws. Disadvantages: None.

How can you think the video makers wanted the audience to respond? They needed a response of folks to be even more informed from the things that took place previous to the generation of today.

Just how did it make you think?

The video made me feel since there is more to know about slavery, than what is presented through word of mouth and sessions.

What 3 things performed this video tell you about your life in America in the period period represented? -African Us citizens were consider lower than the typical white(social standpoint ) -For the privileges that Photography equipment Americans wanted they had to fight for that. -Some from the African American leaders were supporting slavery not directly.

Set a question the fact that video manufacturers left unanswered.

- So what happened after the Altlanta ga Convention?

What information do you gain relating to this time period in the video that could not be conveyed with a written origin? - Some people who had taken action resistant to the laws I never been aware of before.

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