To Infinity and Beyond

To Infinity and Beyond

National Aeronautics and Space Supervision


Mentor Steve Marin

Denise Serna

Political Science 102

Fall season, 2007



For hundreds, even countless numbers, of years billions of people have looked for the deep, dark, shimmering heavens and pondered what persisted up right now there. In view happen to be stars, constellations, planets, and, of course , the sunlight and the moon. What about beyond what the eye can see? How could the galaxy be investigated? There are so many questions to be clarified, but simply by whom?

Inside the mid to late 20th century, there is a major force to be the initially country in space. This was looked upon by the world as a general major clinical and politics accomplishment speaking volumes with the first nation to successfully launch into space. The science and technology to launch into space would gain government and society in ways inconceivable at that time. With the use of satellites and other technology, first authorities, then culture as a whole, would be able to communicate instantaneously with reverse ends with the earth and possess so many other possibilities available.

In present time, we have now a space telescope that can get images difficult to capture via earth. The Hubble Space Telescope continues to be very helpful in space exploration. Addititionally there is under structure an International Space Station. The use of the different space shuttle tasks help in the construction to bring tools and supplies for building the Intercontinental Space Station. The Space Shuttles have also been intended for other several projects and exploration.

Is definitely space air travel only for jet pilots? There have been ‘non' astronauts that have flown in to space. There may be even the starting of a fresh industry '' commercial space flights.

The region, and the community, has noticed so much progress and so various changes since the National Airline and Space Administration (NASA) was created. There exists still much more now to arrive. There often will be great exploration of space.

Agency Quest

When NASA was created in 1958, their first top priority was to one-up Russia's Sputnik success. There had been an ongoing race between your two countries to be the initial to kick off an unnatural satellite in space. Russian federation was first to be successful with Sputnik I about October 5, 1957 (Launius, xviii). America's reaction to Russian federation being the first to do so remaining the country sense that Russia could be a threat in space that America was not well prepared for (Newton, 17). Soon after NASA's invention, John Farrenheit. Kennedy was elected chief executive and generally there became new focuses for NASA. These were the more rapid development of explode boosters, obtaining a man within the moon, and also to speed progress meteorological and communications geostationary satellites (Newton, 32). In 1961, Kennedy announced America's intention that will put a man around the moon right at the end of the ten years (Brooks). On, may 5, 1961, the United States rocketed its 1st American in space, Astronaut Alan N. Shepard, Junior. (Miles). In February, 1962, upon John Glenn's first successful orbits around the the planet, President John F. Kennedy declared that " Space is New Ocean U. S. Need to Sail and Conquer. ” (Thompson, 1). And on This summer 20, 69, Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon declaring individuals now renowned words " That's one small stage for man…One giant jump for human beings. ”(Miles, Abramson, 1). Unfortunately, this took place years following Kennedy's killing but still within his objective. After the accomplishment of beating Russia to be the first to land on the moon, NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) continued to pay attention to both manned and un-manned missions into space. There was clearly also a give attention to a space telescope resulting in the Hubble Space Telescope that sends us views from the planets and also other celestial items. As reported in April 1997's release of Countrywide Geographic, the Hubble Space Telescope located the ‘Eye of God'. It is a breathtaking picture of what is apparently an attention but is really a...

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