Community and Negotiation Revision Settlement

 Essay regarding Town and Settlement Revision Settlement

Negotiation Revision

Arrangement Site

You will discover eight primary things that help to choose a site to develop a settlement. They can be called factors.

The 8-10 factors will be

Rainy point

Dried point

Building Materials


Fuel Supply

Food Supply

Linking point

Refuge and Feature.

Wet Stage. A settlement needs to be close to a reliable source of water. In early days and nights, rivers were clean enough to give a safe, permanent source. Dry Stage. A site must be safe from water damage and from marshy areas. Building Materials. These include rock, wood and clay which had to be readily available. They are usually weighty and hard to move.

Protection. Surrounding tribes were frequently hostile.

A fantastic defensive internet site would be within a river bend over or on the hill with steep sides and commanding views. Gasoline Supply. A sizable fuel source was necessary for heating and cooking. In earlier times in Britain, and still today in lots of developing countries, this would be largely wood. Food. Food products were necessary from area nearby.

Some land would be suitable for showing animals.

A few land would be good to grow crops

Linking Point. A place where the riv was superficial, and narrow enough for a bridge to get built. A route center where valleys met was also an edge.

Shelter and aspect. A place needed refuge from the current south-westerly and cold northerly winds. A south-facing feature gives most sunshine temperature and light.

The growth of towns, along with additional people residing in these towns and villages is called urbanisation. Settlement Patterns



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