Urine Analysis Laboratory Report

п»їUrine Analysis Laboratory Report


To learn what tests can analyze a person's urine and what they get Chem – 9 Check

Specific Density

Microscope Examination of Urine

To analyze a urine sample

Examine occurrence of normal/abnormal elements

Employ urine sample to find certain gravity, pH, and substance parts To have a better knowledge of filtration, reabsorption, and secretion, and see how they affect urine production. Background:

There is a wide range of importance that is included with testing urine. Many different diseases can be examined for, (i. e. diabetes) and a urinalysis can provide a lot of useful data to medical doctors. Simple assessments can immediately be taken via simply taking a look at a urine sample; color, odor, openness, etc . By looking at the colour of urine, things such as hydration amounts can be examined. The more clear urine can be, the more water that is present. Also, with the use of a microscopic lense, particles like casts and sugar can be detected. The existence of too many particular particles can help indicate that the infection/disease may be present. You will find countless testing that can be considered during a urinalysis that can help to demonstrate any abnormalities in the urine and rest of the body. The process of producing urine and eliminating toxins in the body occurs in the excretory system. The organs (kidneys, etc . ) that are part of this system are in charge of different factors of urine production. The moment urine is being formed, you will discover three procedures that must happen. The first step that occurs is filtration. In this step, diffusion happens under underhand because blood is moving to the glomerulus of the nephron through the afferent blood vessel. The lumen size of the vessel turns into immediately more compact, so when ever substances inside the blood are being strained out, they are pushed through by a ruthless. The renal at this point is basically trying to preserve a homeostatic control, and so not everything is definitely filtered out. Next, the filtrate experiences reabsorption, which usually starts to take place in the proximal convoluted tubule of the nephron. When allergens are staying reabsorbed, they can be reabsorbed by a concentrated lean, active transportation pores, and facilitated konzentrationsausgleich pores. When the filtrate ways to the loop of henle, as it descends, water is highly permeable and sodium is usually impermeable towards the membrane from the loop of henle. Water continues to dissipate out, yet around the core loop, the principles of diffusion change. Salt is now very permeable, although water is not. Which means that the trap of henle has dual permeability. A counter current also takes place at this step because the filter is going one course, while the ship running along side of it offers blood going the different direction. When the sodium diffuses out, urea becomes magnetized to that and also diffuses out. At this point the salt and urea are saved in the interstitial space. Following the reabsorption stage, secretion occurs. In this step, the filter starts to maneuver down the collecting duct of the loop of henle. There is a gradient that develops between the excessive salt attentiveness outside the collecting duct as well as the low concentration of sodium inside. Salt, along with the urea, diffuses in the collecting duct and moves down to the bladder. Urine has now recently been formed while using combination of salt, urea, and water. It is now held in the bladder until it finally can be excreted. Materials:

Urine collecting cup

Fresh urine sample (subject's own)

Chem – being unfaithful strip


Clean microscopic lense slide

Slip cover whitening strips


Test tube


Centrifuge tube



1 . Require a urine collecting cup. Make use of the restroom and take a test of urine. 2 . With the sample inside the cup, dip a Chem – 9 strip inside the urine to get 30 seconds. three or more. Lay the strip on the paper bath towel for one minute. Use the Chem – being unfaithful strip box to analyze the results around the strip. Typical Levels pertaining to Chem – 9 Test:

Leukocytes – Negative

Nitrite – Adverse

pH – 5 to 7

Protein – Adverse to trace...

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