Value Chain and Competitive Good thing about Pt. Toyota


(BASED ON THE THEORY Meters. Porter)


5. PT Toyota Motor Making Indonesia

5. Headquarters

Jl. Yos Sudarso, Sunter 2, Jakarta 14330, Tel (021) 6515551 (hunting), Fax (021) 6515360 Proven: July 15, 2003 5. Paid-in Capital: Rp. 4 hundred 000 000 000

* Shareholders: PT. Astra Intercontinental Tbk (51%) & Toyota Motor Firm (49%) * Toyota Supplier Network

your five Primary Dealer:

* REHABILITATION Astra Intercontinental,


* PT Agung Automall,

2. Hasjrat PT Abadi,

2. NV Hadji Kalla Trd. Co.


* PT. Toyota Motor Production Indonesia

* Headquarters

Jl. Yos Sudarso, Sunter II, Jakarta 14330, Tel (021) 6515551 (hunting), Fax (021) 6515360 Founded: The spring 2, the year of 1971

* Paid-in Capital: Rp. 19. your five billion

* Shareholder Toyota Motor Company (95%) & PT. Astra International Tbk (5%) 2. Production Establishments

* Sunter area: Assembly and Taking Plant

2. Falkirk Flower: Plant Welded, Painting, Assemblage


For being an automotive provider's most powerful and respected in the region by providing the very best experience in vehicle title


Constantly provide product or service of high quality and meet buyer needs through marketing courses that ideal Develop qualified employees simply by creating a good working environment to back up the accomplishment of customer satisfaction Strengthen collaboration with companies, dealers and major traders through communication and better cooperation To formulate a healthy firm operating in almost all aspects, such as regulatory compliance, environmental and others


Brief History The establishment of the Toyota

At times we'd by no means ask - ask inside our minds, just how its background to Toyota automotive firm can grow up big and as famous as this ini. This isa simple review of the of the Toyota.

In April 1935, 75 in years past he laid the foundation of Toyota, specifically Sakichi Toyoda with his boy, Kiichiro Toyoda automotive engine successfully accomplished the initial prototype, named Type A. Type A machine which usually completed the process in Apr 1935, the price tag on development is only obtained from small households, which was pioneered by Sakichi Toyoda, a yarn spinner tool. Thanks to this kind of dynasty, Toyoda looms could realize his dream of producing cars. One year later or rather Apr 1936, Kiichiro began mass-producing the first car, with the name A1. Not only automobiles, in the same month as well produced a mini truck with the play name G1. Apparently response to the public from Toyoda product was beyond expectations. Both the initially automotive products obtain good response from the community. Armed with good progress that is, Kiichiro experienced founded the Toyota Motor Corporation Ltd., on September 28, 1937. Kiichiro deliberately replacing the letter 'D' on Toyoda with 'T', because he desired a name is easier said Toyota pronunciation. With a fairly easy pronunciation, in that case Kiichiro wish that Toyota will quickly attached to the minds of consumers. Kiichiro self confidence now become a reality. Toyota started to be the world's largest vehicle manufacturer using a variety of items in various countries. It turned out to realise the success it truly is today an extended road turning nan that unpleasant already been adopted by the founder of Toyota.

To ensure success requires knowledge, enthusiasm, and ingenuity in seeing the chance, and also the most critical blessing of God Luminous


PT Toyota Astra Electric motor inaugurated in April 12, 1971. The role of TAM was originally just as an importer of Toyota automobiles, but one year later was operating as a distributor. On January 31, 1989, TAM combined with 3 companies, and the like: »PT Multiple Astra (assembly plant, founded in 1973)

»PT Toyota Mobilindo (body parts manufacturing plant, founded in 1976)

»PT Toyota Engine Indonesia (engine factory, founded in 1982)

with the name of REHABILITATION Toyota Astra Motor. The merger is...

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