Week one particular Class Activity

Short Solution Writing Assignment

All answers should be finish sentences. Guarantee the survey is usually complete and turned in while using assignment.

1 ) Suppose we all use this review to define the students with this class by organizing, outlining, and displaying the data. This would be an example of what branch of statistics? Explain your reasoning.

This would be an example of descriptive statistics becasue it is quantatively describing the main features of a collection of data.

installment payments on your Suppose we all use this study to pull conclusions in regards to a population (the student body at this school) based on an example (this class). This would be one of what subset of statistics? Clarify your reasoning.

This would be a good example of inferential figures becasue it can be concerned with producing predicitons or perhaps inferences of a population from observation and analyses of any sample.

a few. Will the data collected from this survey symbolize a simple randomly sample from the schools scholar body? Describe.

No . This survey would be considered a convience survey because the entire student body system does not include and chance to partake in the survey. Only one category.

4. What sort of data does the following concerns yield (Explain your reasoning):

a. Review question 15? (What color car)

This will yeild qualitative data becasue it contains attributes, labeling, or no numerical entries. In this case it will be the color of the car.

a. Survey query 12? (How much cash do you have)

This would be regarded as quantative becasue it includes numerical measurements or is important. In this case the amount of coins/dollars.

1 . Will the consequence for study question six be a under the radar or ongoing variable? Describe your thinking.

This would be regarded as a continuous varying because there are thousands of choices. A continuous varying has an infinite number of beliefs between two given points.

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