White colored Cane History


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A great Englishman and a Frenchwoman both claims to have came from the idea.

1921 -- James Biggs of Bristol (as states in Fresh Beacon article, Dec. 1937, pp. 320/321) thought of concept of painting his stick white colored -- wrote to various organizations, Chief Commissaire, newspapers, magazines, etc ...

1930 - First reference in New Beacon (December, p. 265) to white adhere - " In Paris, france, the Prefect of Police is assisting the idea that sightless pedestrians shall carry white-colored sticks"

1931 - February - Mlle Guilly d'Herbemont, with the assistance of one with the editors of l'Echo de Paris released national light stick movements in France.

1931 - Taken on by British Press -- West Ham Rotary Club's offer to offer white stays to window blind people inside the area acknowledged - in May, the LABELLISE BASSE CONSOMMATION broadcast the suggestion that blind persons should be provided with a light stick, which should be nationally recognized by the general public

1932 - National Start for the Blind started stocking and selling white colored sticks


By provision of P. L. 88-628, 88th Congress, 2d Treatment, October 12-15 to be proclaimed each year by the President of the United States because White Cane Safety Day time. First these kinds of proclamation given by Lyndon B. Meeks on March 6, 1964. (Ref.: NOB, Dec. 1964, 58 (10), 332. )

Oct 15, 70 was declared International White-colored Cane Security Day the first time by the Director of the Intercontinental Federation from the Blind. This kind of date was adopted in the first quinquennial convention with the IFB, held in Colombo on October 5, 1969. (Ref.: Braille International, July 1971, 4(2), 14-18. )

1st celebrated in United Kingdom 12-15 October 1979. (Ref.: Fresh Beacon, Sept 1979, 63(749), 232. )


(Viewpoint, June 1991)

The White-colored Cane -- A Commemoration by Doctor A Mutter

(Editor's note)

The white walking cane is now recognized as the blind person's mobility aid the world over. Since that time US President Lyndon T. Johnson first proclaimed it in 1964, " White colored Cane Day” has become the day of the season to publicise the demands and accomplishments of impaired people all over the place. What follows is definitely an understanding of Peguilly d'Herbemont, the French woman who was responsible for launching the white colored cane 6 decades ago. The lady was a female of The french language high contemporary society who committed much of her time and bundle of money to the wellbeing of the impaired. The writer of the document, himself window blind, taught for some time in the mid-30s at Worcester College intended for the Impaired, later joining the German Diplomatic Services and concluding as Initially Secretary for the German Legation in Trompe, Switzerland. The content is reproduced by kind permission from the German Federation of the Blind, in in whose organ that first appeared in January of the year. It can be based on an e book commemorating the originator in the white cane who perished in her 92nd year, on 29th February 1980, by Mireille Oblin-Briere who also met each of our heroine for the end of her long life. She was so transferred by her story that she established it straight down before her memories washed out altogether and her papers and documents were misplaced to the community.

Peguilly d'Herbemont came to be on twenty fifth June 1888 into an old French commendable family of precisely the same name. In her youth she led the conventional and protected existence, with no great activity, of a girl from a " good family”, a great existence similar to the life from the aristocracy ahead of the French Wave. She under no circumstances visited a public university, but was educated by German and British governesses and convent sisters. Her movements were restricted and had been mainly limited to the family positions in Paris and Belgium, although she put in most of her time in the castle of Charmois close by Verdun. A lyrical pressure in her nature led her to write quite delicate poetry, reminiscent of Verlaine. Her biographer recognizes their origins in a key love...

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